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I'm a mother of three small children, chasing after their fleeting childhoods and armed with a camera. After moving more times than I can count, we've all learned to simply set down our roots, wherever we may go.

It's adventure, served family style.

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Coming Home {can be such a drag}

We’ve been home from our hometown vacation for two days and already the kids have been mourning the loss of their freedom to roam all over Grammie’s huge backyard. Apparently our measly lot doesn’t lend well to exploring and adventuring and they’re ready to just pack up and move to Ohio if it means the same level of completely unsupervised play that they went and got used to. I don’t really blame them for holding the place so dear in their hearts ....more

The Fourth {and the fifth}

Yesterday, we had the obligatory burger cookout, put on our patriotic colors and stayed up way too late watching a bunch of these Happy Fourth of July from the holiday grinch that only celebrates things anymore to make sure the kids have those happy childhood memories. Then came today ....more

The Annual Clean Out

The husband and I are sprawled, near dead from exhaustion, on our respective couches tonight. Moving even so much as to grab the remote seems like a task too much to bother with. My feet are killing me, there’s a nice sunburn smoldering on my shoulders and I should really hobble upstairs and take a shower ....more

Vacation {in pictures, finally}

After a week and a half at home, all of the laundry is finally done and put away. We’ve stopped finding sand in odd places, our tans are fading a bit, and the thought of ending the day without a sunset over the balcony doesn’t sting as much. Until next time, we’ll go back over the pictures and videos, knowing how much the beach holds our hearts ....more

Bottle This Up {and take it home}

Vacation looks good on them. Halfway through and we all wish it would never end. (also? ...more

The Years Fly By

Back in the fall, I posted this picture of Miss E on her first day of school When I took that picture, I saw a girl that was so old, so grown. Somehow it didn’t seem real that she was far out of kindergarten and on to bigger things ....more

Eve Of Many Things

With vacation looming, I broke down and went back to the doctor, basically begging them to make this sick nonsense stop. I felt exactly as bad today as I did when I initially went in, so better than the horrible parts in the middle but still absolutely miserable. The doctor that I ended up with talked round and round about all the magical over-the-counter drugs I could be using, how I probably never had a real sinus infection since it didn’t respond the first time and, by the way, here’s a prescription for the way better antibiotics that we should have tried instead of the other one just in case it really is an infection ....more

When Mom Falls {she falls so freaking hard}

Today is the first day in nearly a week where I didn’t spend more than half my day in a ball of pillows and kleenexes, wondering when death was finally going to come. But to begin this week long saga, let’s back up to last weekend ....more