Just Rainbows and Butterflies

Hello! I am a wife to my best friend, Z and a mother to my son, Sawyer. We live in Washington, DC and are having fun rediscovering this city. To get to know me better, I am a Southern belle who loves travel, exercise-mainly running, and cooking simple and healthy meals for my family.

Favorite Summer Book: The Husband's Secret

It's no secret that I love reading and being in a monthly book club is one of my favorite things. It keeps me accountable to actually finish a book and every month I get a night with my friends where we drink wine, have good food, and a good discussion. Aside from book club, I personally love reading because its a great way for me to unwind and relax....more

How To Put On A Face

A great reminder this morning on little things that really make you beautiful. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did ....more

Red Envelope: Personalized Birthday Book

I love traditions. I think it binds people together and makes holidays and birthdays more special. I know for me, I look forward to things more whenever their is a holiday or special event that has a tradition tied to it ....more

A Napa Wedding

This wine country wedding was beyond gorgeous and classy. The Kenwood Inn was the perfect location and throughout the weekend everywhere you looked everyone had the biggest smiles. The love and happiness was so evident everywhere you turned, which made the event that much more special.I also loved that there was so much detail and thought throughout the ceremony and reception ....more

My Grandfather's Love.

Sawyer--whose full name is William Sawyer--was named after a couple of people, but one of them was my grandfather. My grandfather and I were pretty close and when he passed away in 1999 it was devastating. I remember feeling his lost so profoundly back then and some days it still feels the same.Right after Sawyer was born, I wanted him to get to know the man that he was named after, so I decided to write a book ....more

Its Okay To Have A Calm Life

I've been thinking a lot about this summer and how the pace is slower, the days are quieter and our schedule is easier. We don't have any real obligations and I can watch Sawyer get excited about taking his first boat ride or seeing him run to the window screaming, "Whoa! Whoa!" whenever he hears an airplane ....more

Day in the Life {21 months}

Because I'm having such a good time this summer staying home with Sawyer, I wanted to capture what our routine is, what he is loving, and a little snapshot of our life. All too soon, I won't be his favorite playmate and we won't be having leisurely breakfasts where we giggle about this or that, so I'm writing it all down now so I can remember these days later.7:30 am --Sawyer calls out, "Mama?!" and our day begins.7:30-8:30 am--A cup of coffee for me and a waffle with peanut butter and a side of fruit and milk for him. When he's done with that, he usually asks for more, so I give him a cup of yogurt with granola as well ....more

Slowing It Down--Colorado, Books, & Movies

This month has been a good one. It was the start of summer break for me, which immediately made the days a lot slower. Instead of rushing out to door or worrying about the babysitter, each morning now starts with a long, slow breakfast with Sawyer and then going off on a new adventure whether that be a new splash pad, pool, or playdate.This summer will continue to be slow and honestly, this is just what I needed and what I love ....more

One Kings Lane: Vanity Pieces

Lenoir Oversized Mirror;...more

Kids Activities: Mr. Knick Knack & Splash Down

We started last Friday morning off by going to see Mr. Knick Knack at the Clarendon Market Place and it was packed with Moms, kids and maybe a sprinkle of a Dad or two. If you are in the area, I highly suggest going ....more