Just Rainbows and Butterflies

Hello! I am a wife to my best friend, Z and a mother to my son, Sawyer. We live in Washington, DC and are having fun rediscovering this city. To get to know me better, I am a Southern belle who loves travel, exercise-mainly running, and cooking simple and healthy meals for my family.

Rhett-4 Months

Oh, Rhett! You are growing up, my dear! A few things have happened this summer that have made me realize just how fleeting life and this time together is, so I'm using this post to catch you up on all your little developments and special moments.Rhett, you tried solids this month! ...more

Ireland Bound!

July is turning out to be a fun month! We are going to a wedding on Saturday, I'm hosting a bridal shower at the end of the month, and we have a friend visiting next weekend from New York. It's actually my husband's best friend and a part of Z's father's day gift ....more

Fourth of July Awesomeness

This fourth of July consisted of:1. A trip to Frying Pan Farm for a tractor ride and some cute animal viewing.2. A short stay at the festival at Long Branch Park. 2 minutes after we arrived and got Sawyer his first snow cone the rain started and after an hour of waiting, we split.3. So we went home and made American flag pizza! ...more

DC Bucket List: Burke Lake Park & Glen Echo Puppet Show

Summer is flying by and so far, its been such a fun one. Sawyer and I are having a ball going on these little adventures and Rhett's been such a champ as I drag him around DC. I'm sure he appreciates it though in his own little way.It's so funny to think about how different this summer from last year's ....more

Afternoon Stroll in Destin

I love these pictures. During one of our afternoon strolls, Sawyer and I decided to jump in and play in the waves. He got nervous about one little wave in particular and ran back to up to Z who had snapping our little adventure from the shore ....more

Destin Vacation 2015

We are in the middle of our Destin beach trip, but I wanted to stop in and make an update about our vacation so far.We've had a really good time and Sawyer's excitement is really just the icing on the cake. He's always been a happy kid, but being here has made him even more giddy. He loves everything that is going on and every morning he waits with eager anticipation about what the day's plans will hold ....more

Link Love + Some Good Things

It's been a while since I posted. Mainly because we were caught up in our move and then both Rhett and I got really bad eye infections. Thankfully, we are better and ready to hit the beach this weekend ....more

Our New Home!

Hooray! This weekend, we moved in our new place and I'm excited to say that I absolutely love it! We were so nervous about this move because we thought it'd be a rough transition, but we actually really like it ....more

June 2015 Goals.

Now that life is starting to settle down, I want to get back to setting monthly goals for myself. I was talking to Z this weekend about my expectations for this summer and writing some of the things that I want to accomplish down will hopefully hold me accountable. Here are a few things I have in mind for June.1. Running a 5k....more

DC Bucket List: Roosevelt Island, Cartoons & Coffee and Gravelly Point

A couple weeks ago, we started a bucket list for DC! Its full of things that we've haven't gotten around to in the last year and half and that we'd regret not doing to if we moved away. I'm going to be sharing some of our adventures throughout the year! ...more