Sojourner's Sojourns

I was once in an off-off Broadway show. After being cramped inside a barrel onstage for thirty minutes, I had to pop  out and perform a full song and dance number.


I once tried my hand at cross-country running. I fell so far behind on my first meet that I got lost on the course. Now I only run if I’m being chased.


I’m kind of amazing in the kitchen. I can whip up a mean rosemary grilled rabbit and turkey potpie. Baked goods are my specialty, scones, cookies and brownies being my favorites.  One day, I imagine I’ll author a cookbook based on my favorite recipes from around the world.


I really like whipped cream in a can. Sometimes, when I’m bored, I’ll make mini whipped cream statues on the back of my hands. I’m sad I won’t be able to include them in my cookbook.


Hi.  My name is Sojourner and I’m a sojourner in every sense of the word.

I’m fascinated and enamored with travel, culture and landscapes. The world is infinitely inspiring. My great travel ambition is to visit each country in Africa, traveling the whole time like a local. There are so many voices to hear and stories to be told.

Culture captivates me, I’m intrigued by indigenous healing traditions and I’m a self-proclaimed history nerd. Over the last ten years, I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering, living and journeying my way around twenty-five countries and counting.

Whether working at an orphanage in Cape Coast, Ghana, painting fishing boats in Kao Lak, Thailand, exploring the Algerian suburbs of Paris in search of white honey, or sampling rum in Barbados, my journeys are fueled by a desire to see and experience the world in an authentically present way.

Writing about my travels flows as naturally as my wanderlust and curiosity. I like to think of writing as my heart and travel as my great big beautiful muse. Published both in print and online, my areas of focus are short fiction and travel memoir.

With two masters degrees and a decade of teaching English and Theatre under my belt, I’ve been on a full blown travel, writing and language study break for the last year (and counting). I have no immediate plans to turn back.

When I’m not wearing my travel hat, I’m most likely scribbling away at my writing desk, working with clients as a yoga instructor and Reiki master, or working on one of my writing or editing freelance assignments.

“Home” is a relatively fluid concept these days. When I’m not on a sojourn, my time is split between Brooklyn, New York and Brandywine, Maryland where I live with my jazz musician husband, our babbling brown-eyed wonder of a one year old, and our conspicuously loquacious cat.


Smorgasburg: A Brooklyn Flea Food Market

On Sunday, I had a truly transcendent experience. I arrived at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a waddling, hot, 42 weeks pregnant, disgruntled woman, but left, strolling gracefully, sated, cool, and in excellent spirits. What happened during that hour and a half on the water beneath the intense sun? ...more

Live at the Blue Note

This weekend, my trombonist hubby had the honor of playing at the Blue Note with the fabulous jazz vocalist Nicole Henry, which means, I had the honor of attending. Perhaps, one of the most iconic jazz clubs in the world, the Blue Note, located in the West Village of Manhattan has hosted one of the most elite who’s who lists of musicians since its opening in 1981. ...more

Sojourner Features: Traveler Kelley Akhiemokhali

Tell us about yourself! My name is Kelley Akhiemokhali. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and blog at ....more

A Traveler’s Homage to our Furry, Scaly and Winged Friends

Travel, exposes you to so many new and wondrous things- landscapes, people, food, but this post is not dedicated to any of those things. Instead, I’ve opted to pay homage to the animals that touch, scare, ground and endear us while we roam. Sometimes the most memorable encounters and interactions on a trip are not human to human, but involve our furry, scaly, or winged friends ....more

Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits with Fresh Whipped Cream

Combine the goodness of a sweet buttery drop biscuit, with the sweet bursts of juicy strawberry chunks and top with a rich, creamy vanilla and cinnamon whipped cream and you’ve got my Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits. Perhaps, an excuse to have desert for breakfast, this is, in my opinion, the perfect way to start a lazy summer weekend day. Should you desire to partake in the goodness, here’s what to do: 1) First, I take about a half pint of rinsed strawberries and cut them in fourths so they’re nice and chunky ....more

Exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park or Walking the Baby Out!

It’s official, I’m past my due date and am anxious for this little guy to swim on out! Instead of lounging on the sofa in front of the AC with a pint of ice cream, Mark and I set off to explore the brand new Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn just keeps getting better and better! ...more

Summer Giveaway! Win a 4oz. Jar of Organic Mosquito Repel Whipped Butter!

It’s Friday, it’s the end of June, Summer is officially here, it’s giveaway time! I haven’t held a giveaway in a while, so I’ll make this one light, seasonal and fun. I’m giving away a luscious 4 oz ....more

DIY Lavender Talc-Free Powder

So, I was sitting around the apartment on partial bed rest, wondering what to do with myself when it hit me- BABY POWDER! I’d been researching various talc-free brands to buy for the little guy, when I was like, wait! What am I doing? ...more

Make Your Own Mouthwash!

As simple as preparing tea and highly satisfying, making your own mouthwash is not only better for you, but will take you on an aromatic journey. I have always been slightly suspicious of traditional store bought mouthwash. Why the need for bright unnatural electric green and neon blue colors? ...more

A Paste and a Preperation to Reduce Even the Most Greusome Shiner!

Saturday morning, my husband came home with a gruesome shiner. For the last two years, he’s trained seriously in Krav Maga (an Israeli martial art). In the beginning, he’d come home with a bruise here and a sore spot there, but as he’s moved up in belt rank, so have his injuries ....more