Cantaloupe Margaritas

This is a refreshing summer drink with lively and sweet Italian Cantaloupe melons and the right twist of silver tequila and lime! Add in a little mint if you’re feeling crazy! Dish Count :: 1 Cutting Board, 1 Cocktail Shaker, 2 Glasses There comes a point in every vacation that you are ready to be home ....more

Cooking with Blue Apron – Wild Rice and Zucchini Salad

*This post is sponsored by Blue Apron* First 20 readers will get three free meals on their first Blue Apron order! Click here to sign up! Time is becoming even harder to come by ....more

Blueberry Crumble Muffins

Don’t walk out the door without a couple blueberry crumble muffins for breakfast! Dish Count :: 1 saucepan, 2 Mixing Bowls, 1 Muffin Tin It’s only Monday and I’m living for the weekend. Or well, Thursday to be exact ....more

Rotini Pasta with Garbanzo Beans and Sausage

This is a filling dinner that comes together in a snap! Packed with protein pasta, hearty sausage, and low-fat garbanzo beans, you will stay full! Dish Count :: 1 Saute Pan, 1 Pot, 1 Cutting Board Everyone needs more 30 minute meals ....more

Coffee Salted Caramel Sauce

Add a little twist to your favorite salted caramel sauce with coffee! This coffee salted caramel sauce infuses those wonderful coffee flavors with sweet and slightly salty caramel that will have you eating it out of the jar with a spoon! Trust me, I did....more

What I’m Listening To – Podcast Edition

I literally just got back in from a walk with the dog, before it got blisteringly hot out (by Seattle standards), and was thinking… do I dare share the contents of my iPhone with the world? Also, does anyone care? Probs not ....more

Terranea Resort and EatSeaRetreat

It’s not often you can fly 2 hours and feel a world away, but Terranea Resort feels like a whole new world, founded on the cliffs by the sea. I’ve sat at my computer three different times to tell you about my trip to California last month, and at no time did I ever think of a way to tell you about it without it sounding like another blogger going on another trip to another sunny destination – but in truth, these get togethers with these women, who I admire, is so, so, so much more. In this community we are spread so far and wide, that having long distance friendships culminate in two solid days together, can reawaken all of those creativities that somehow get bogged down in your own day to day churn, and you can relax and lean on these creators that inspire you ....more

Carrot Salad with Chile Sesame Vinaigrette

Bring this light and tangy carrot salad with chile sesame vinaigrette to your next get together, or pack it for lunch! It’s a fresh switch on your usual summer salad! Dish Count :: 1 Bowl, 1 Grater, 1 Cutting Board I’m becoming a rather habitual eater, yogurt and blueberries for a snack at work, carrots and hummus every day for a snack after work ....more

Southwestern BBQ Bacon Burger

Light up the grill for this southwestern BBQ Bacon burger with crispy bacon, fire grilled corn, cowboy candied jalapenos, and crunchy jalapeno chips on top! Don’t forget the BBQ sauce and pepperjack cheese! Dish Count :: 1 Grill, 1 Mixing Bowl It’s a sure sign of summer, the grills are fired up and we are ready to go! ...more

Prosciutto Pesto Hot Dog

Get a little Italian in your life with this twist – a prosciutto pesto hot dog with blistered fresh mozzarella, fresh pesto and crispy fried prosciutto! Dish Count :: 1 Grill, 1 Oven Proof Frying Pan Now don’t get me wrong, picking your favorite hot dog and toppings is a lot like picking your favorite kid. Well, I guess I wouldn’t totally know that, I do just have a dog ....more