Cinnamon Apple Butter Cake + My Cake Decorating Review Part 2

Saturday was the first day it actually felt like fall outside! I was so excited when I went to the farmers market and didn’t immediately start sweating after getting out of my car. Buuut, then it was a thousand degrees outside on Sunday and absolutely miserable ....more

Facebook Flash Giveaway!!

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to let you guys know about a flash giveaway happening on my Facebook page today and tomorrow! ...more

My Cake Decorating Review

Last week I was given the opportunity to review some My Cake Decorating Kits from a blogging community I’m part of, Alabama Women Bloggers. I haven’t done many reviews on this blog, and I actually hadn’t made any cupcakes or cakes in awhile. And that’s what bethcakes is all about! ...more

Peanut Butter Brownie Chunk Cookies

I don’t make cookies very often. Which I think is weird considering this is a baking blog. But I’ve never really been able to perfect...more

Blueberry Coconut Popsicles

Fall is by far my favorite season. It reminds me of school and...more

Starfruit Upside-Down Cake

This is one of those cakes that you make just for fun. I got the idea in my head and couldn’t let it go! Awhile ago, like months ago, I decided I really wanted to make something with starfruit ....more

Strawberry Cheesecake Empanadas with Nutella Drizzle

After a little week-long vacation, I’m back this week with a recipe that’s sort of a copy cat of something I ate last week at Food Blog Forum! I’ve been meaning to write a recap of my Asheville adventures, but my laptop has been in and out of the shop over the last two weeks […] ...more

Funfetti Yogurt Pops

These popsicles are totally perfect for Friday. Especially because they are SUPER easy to make. There are only a few ingredients and they taste like buttery yellow cake ....more

S’mores Doughnuts

Over the last week or so, I thought about making these s’mores doughnuts. I haven’t made nearly enough s’mores recipes this summer. And I mean, they’re s’mores, so it’s not like I really need much of a reason ....more

Lemon Meringue Doughnuts

Can we talk about crazy doughnuts for a second? My dad and I love this show on the Cooking Channel called Unique Sweets. In case you’ve never seen it, all these chefs and pastry chefs visit the most ridiculous bakeries around the country and try all of their insane baked goods ....more