Vegan Zucchini Apple Bread. Plus a Sun Warrior Giveaway

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A One-Sided Workout. Unilateral Exercises to Stay Balanced

Let me tell you a little story. On Tuesday, I did what we call an orientation with a new member at work. The idea is to show them how to use the equipment, leave them with a basic workout they can do on their own, and, ultimately, to sell them personal training services ....more

Starting a Blog: What’s Next? Make Money Blogging

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I’m Traveling to Kentucky for Meatless Monday!

Welcome to Meatless Monday. Now that I’ve lured you in here, I’ll have to tell you that I am really not traveling to Kentucky, but my recipe is! I’m guest posting over on Tina’s blog and sharing the Meatless Monday hosting duties with Deborah this week! ...more

How to Overcome the Top 5 Exercise Excuses

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Home Workouts with Grokker. Win a Premium Membership!

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My IDEA World Experience: The Functional Workouts

As you know, I spent last week at Blogfest and the IDEA World Fitness Convention. Here are my Top 10 Takeaways. While Thursday and Friday were spent learning some great blogging information, the last two days I was able to attend six workshops ....more

Starting a Blog. What’s Next: 11 Tips to Get More Readers

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Blogfest: My Top 10 Takeaways Linkup

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