Coach Debbie Runs

I am a vegan runner, cyclist, wife, dog-mom, personal trainer, coach, and blogger, who writes about, well, all of that. I'm dealing with all things that try to slow us down as we get older, fighting them every step of the way. I love to share my recipes for delicious and easy plant based food, workouts that can be done at home or the gym, and training programs that can help you get ready for your next (or your first) race. I also write about products that I love and think that you will love too.

Banana Walnut Bread Gluten Free and Vegan

I hope that you all had a fabulous 4th of July! We kept it quiet here, staying at home after three weekends in a row out of town (and the next two). We had a little firework fun on our own, had a vegan “traditional” dinner, and were at home to soothe our dogs when the fireworks started to go off ....more

A Squat-a-liscious Tabata Workout, Brick Betty, and the Lucky Streak

So somehow, even though I’m not working at my “real” job this summer, I am staying really busy. I’ve been able to run most mornings, though it’s been so hot and humid even really early that I’m not getting a whole lot of miles. I’m also working hard this summer to build up the blog, and, as other bloggers know, that can take hours a day ....more

6 Tips for Managing Your Social Media (when you have no time)

I originally wrote this post for my other blog, Media Fitness Coach, targeted at busy business owners and fitness professionals who were trying to use social media marketing to improve their business. I thought that it was worthwhile information for a wider audience though, because for many of us, blogging is a business, social media marketing is a necessary part of increasing both your readership and your income, and, well, we’re all busy. Here’s my original article with a few notations directed specifically at bloggers ....more

Aquafabulous Chocolate Chip Cookies. Vegan and Gluten Free

I am not a baker. I don’t pretend to be. So it may seem a little odd that I’m going to share a cookie recipe with you ....more

How to Pack for Blogfest

With Blogfest just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about what to bring. I always tend to over-pack, and since I’m driving to Los Angeles, that’s not too big of a deal. However, if you’re flying in you will want to make sure to pack as lightly as possible, yet still bring everything that you need ....more

6 Non-Essential WordPress Plugins that I Love

I’ve said it before. I’m a bit of a plugin junkie. I know that having too many slows down a website ....more

Baseball, Father’s Day, and a New Surfing Record

If you were a dad and you could pick your best Father’s Day ever, what would you do? If I asked my husband, I know that he would say that if he could spend a lot of time with his grandsons, take them to a baseball game, go for a run and do other fun things with them, he would have the best time ever. Well, that’s what we did ....more

Jackfruit: The Perfect Whole-Food Meat Substitute + a Recipe!

I want to start off by thanking you so much for your kind words of support on Friday’s post. Your reminders that I was working for a school system helped remind me that this was political and bureaucratic, not personal. They may have tried, but couldn’t take away the fact that I am a coach and will always be one ....more

I’m Burning Bridges: They took a piece of my identity…

Warning: There may be some use of “language” that you may not associate with my writing. Sorry but I’m a little pissed off. I really couldn’t decide on a title for this post, which is reflected I guess, in the weirdness of what I chose ....more

Going Solar: Answers to Your Questions

Well, it’s finally hit. Summertime in the desert hit us full force this weekend. Fortunately, I was in Ventura for the weekend, but we’re home now and the weather is sizzling ....more