while it rains

"mom of four, currently searching for extra hours in the day."

hi! i am melissa, my blog while it rains is a seattle based mommy blog in which i am the coordinator of chaos. it's a little bit about raising four kids (a man child, a dog, a cat, and three fish too!) and a little bit about mommy – going back to school and navigating life as a new wife and homeowner. it really is, more simply put, a running monologue of the misadventures that are our life...

i oversee the growth and development of three little ladies, i mean they're practically teenagers, named zoë, rowan, and stella. we just welcomed our first boy, thank god, last fall. i started this blog to document funny things my kids do and say and the occasional time they spread their poop all over my house, you know, to show their boyfriends later in life (much later), and five years later i am still going strong snapping photos and sharing stories of this crazy family i get to be a part of.

tim is my better half, we got married two years ago and never looked back - it has been my craziest adventure to date and i can't wait to see what our future holds. oh, and we just bought a house so i will ramble on and on from time to time about painting a wall or changing a shower fixture, so you're welcome for that. i stay at home with these kids and try and squeeze in time to shower and get homework done as i study to become a doula and lactation consultant, sometimes i think i am nuts and other times i couldn't be more happy with the path i am on.

i don't take myself too seriously, life is about being young fun and adventurous - it is ok if we screw up a little along the way. i love glitter, starbucks and the occasional twilight movie. i just tried nutella for the first time ever a few months ago and want to move to alaska someday. tim says i live true to my scorpio ways - but i wouldn't change me for anything!


Back around Christmas my sister enlisted my help to plan a shower for their expecting friends at the end of January. After lots of pinning and guessing what this couple would like I finally found inspiration in the after Christmas clearance aisle at Target. How could I pass up all these glitter bottle brush tress at half off? ...more


Yes it's true - I am officially breaking radio silence to tell you about Robin's "Construction" themed 2nd birthday! I don't even want to talk about how he is two already. When did that happen? ...more


It's amazing what some gold spray paint and a circle cutter can do to bring together a baby shower on a budget! At the beginning of this month I had the pleasure of co-hosting a shower for my cousin Britt and her baby girl Brynlee. Just like me, her sister and her have an eye for style and detail so we all had fun dreaming up this shower ....more


The summer bug has the bitten the kids a little early this year and taking a toll on their behaviors. Tons of whining, complaining, bickering and being bored. It has been especially tough still trying to acclimate to me working again and the hectic schedule that brings so we're all a little on edge and grouchy ....more


Major Progress: We still have some ways to go before I can say the project is complete but for now all of the major stuff is done and the kids are moved in and loving their new space! I gave Tim the deadline of Stella's birthday to have the room most of the way done and useable. This project ending up going way above the budget we had mapped out in our heads so that slowed the progress down a lot ....more


A party wasn't even on our radar for Stella until I made this mistake of sitting down to flip through all of the imaginative invites on tinyprints.com - Stella caught eye of that tiny stack of pancakes and wouldn't let up! I began to wrap my head around the idea when I starting picturing all of our friends and family sitting around a huge yummy breakfast. I also immediately remembered a pin I had saved forever ago of a "table bed"...more

Ikea Rast Hack - Union Jack Night Stands

Whew - What a crazy couple of weeks! I have been dying to get this transformation up but who knew that when you kid turns four the world stops turning for some crazy amount of time. I think we're still recovering from her party and out of town guests!As I teased a few weeks ago, I had big plans for a couple of tiny $35 dressers that I had grabbed at Ikea ....more

March Giveaway - Win a Naked 3 Palette + $50 Sephora Gift Card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway ...more

Spring Purge - Are You In?

Out! Out! Out!That has been my motto these last two months - If you haven't looked at it, touched it, worn it, or even knew where it was, into the donate bag it goes ....more

Ikea Rast Hacks You Have To See!

It just so happened that I was selected for the Country Chic Paint Blogger Squad right around the same time I wrapped up my tufted headboard DIY - That had me immediately dreaming about bedside tables for my first CCP project. I searched Craigslist for days but nothing was really speaking to me (because furniture speaks obviously). I had aways pictured something a little taller and more regal so I was really hoping to luck out on a pair of small dressers ....more