Why New Orleans Has My Heart and How to Visit with Young Kids and Have a Blast

We have some history in New Orleans. Daniel grew up there and I think that’s where he picked up his appreciation for good food–something I’m really glad he brought into our family culture. NOLA’s also about halfway between Waco, TX (where I went to college) and ...more

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 86

I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since the last TWM! Getting ready for Holy Week, Holy Week, more than a week of traveling across the country with three tiny children followed by several days of recovering from traveling across the country with three tiny children. Whew ....more

A Flood of Earth-Shattering Events and a Few Things You Should Know About Books

What an exciting week! We’re still on the road, but will be arriving home tonight after an amazing trip from Florida to New Orleans to Texas and back. We attended the wedding of a dear friend at the church where we were confirmed (and it was the first Catholic wedding we’ve ever been to!) Gorgeous wedding, glorious reception under the Texas stars ....more

Benjamin, Native Texan, speaks his mind and only a few more hours left for books

If you get the Carrots newsletter (you can sign up on the right hand side bar), you know that we’ve been on a long family trip to New Orleans and Texas for a friend’s wedding. We have had the most wonderful time enjoying friends and being together as a family. The kids are loving having Daddy off work ....more

How to Create Great Images for Your Blog without Learning PhotoShop (For the Love of Blogging Series)

Welcome to a new series at Carrots! I often get emails and comments asking about various blogging-related things, so I thought it would be fun to answer some of them right here on the blog as a little on-going series. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! ...more

2 Wardrobe Tips for Nursing Confidently in Public

I’ve written before about breastfeeding (nursing in public because the Pope said to and because the Blessed Virgin Mary does it) and I’m often asked how to be modest when nursing a baby. I think this is the wrong question because breastfeeding is not immodest. In most places in the world, women don’t have to think twice about feeding their babies in public ....more

A Un-bookish Reader’s Guide to Falling in Love with Fiction

Guest post by Mandi of Messy Wife, Blessed Life: Imagine the quintessential “bookish woman.” In your image, is she sitting next to the fire or in a comfy armchair with a cup of tea in hand? Is she reading Austen? Shakespeare? ...more

Daniel Thinks So Much of my First Vlog He Wants to Give You a Free Gift Just for Watching It! (hey. wait a minute.)

My first ever vlog! I’m a little nervous, but here’s my first ever video blog. It explains all about how to get a super secret gift from Daniel ....more

The Motto of the Working Mother

A guest post by Molly of Molly Makes Do: A perfect little house with just enough space to be comfortable and cozy. ...more

Keep the crock: A ridiculously simple discovery about cooking with a pot

Guest post by Bonnie of A Knotted Life: I married a man who owned a crockpot. Because he already owned one we did not include a crockpot on our wedding registry. Two people noticed that glaring oversight and gifted us slow-cookers ....more