36 Weeks


"Ain't no such thing as a grown up."

{I've long retired my favorite glitter shoes. They were replaced by a mature and sophisticated pair of black flats... that have a big Hello Kitty face embroidered onto the tip.} I struggle with my birthdays.  ...more

HiP Week of Stuff We Did: April 8th - 12th

We had a ridiculously short week. We had intended on taking the 10th off so I could work on, and send in, Caesar's quarterly report, but then pregnancy beat the entire household and we took the 11th and 12th off too ....more

35 Weeks

Exceeding my expectations, given how godawful last week was, we have arrived at the 35 week mark and T. is now the size of a honeydew melon! ...more

34 Weeks

Two hospital trips in one week, I'd say that's a record but only for this pregnancy. The little Raven is now the size of a cantaloupe. YUM!  ...more

33 Weeks


Tomorrow Doesn't Belong To Either Of Us, I'll Just Cry Today

I woke up expecting this day to be a little rough. Tomorrow would have been Yorick's due date, or, it might have been if I'd had the chance to get one, he would have been here weeks ago anyway - but none of that matters ....more

HiP Week of Stuff We Did: March 18th - 24th

The week of March 11th was great, but mostly seat work because that's just where the boys really needed and wanted to be. They are both hugely infatuated with Math at the moment, and asked for it a lot that week, so that's what we did! ...more

32 Weeks

{A day late, sorry! It was a busy one.} ...more

Alas, 2am Is Not 4am.

For almost a week now, I've been routinely waking at 4 in the morning. Or rather, waking at 3:30 and finally convincing myself to get out of bed at 4 ....more