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Adore Me - Online Lingerie Store Review!

PR Sample I was pretty intrigued when Adore Me contacted me to do a review on their lingerie set. I have never heard about them before but I really loved the idea of affordable, high quality lingerie (I mean honestly who doesn't like that?!) with free shipping AND exchanges. Like with any online lingerie stores, I was pretty skeptical about quality when I saw the prices for their sets (most of their bra & panties sets are $39.95 (!)) but the variety and beautiful colors got me absolutely excited ....more

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Line Review!

Like I've mentioned in my previous posts Fall is my favorite beauty season. I swear Guys I think it's the cooler weather outside that makes me want to just relax at home and surf the web for hours studying new trends in fashion & beauty. My absolutely favorite hairstyle that I am constantly trying to master is a messy ballerina bun ....more

My Favorite Fall Lipsticks!

Purchased/Affiliate Links Fall right after Summer is my favorite season of all times. It also happens to be the time when I experiment the most with my makeup by trying new lip colors and blushes. Rosy pinks, berry plums and beautiful red shades are definitely my go-to lip shades that I wear often during Fall ....more

Head & Shoulders Fresh Scent Technology Review!

Sponsored Post Head & Shoulders hair products have been in my bathroom cabinet since I was a young kid. Even now as an adult, I still get dry scalp whenever it's caused by a stress, weather or weird reaction to a new hair styling product. I hate it not only because it looks bad ...more

Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest After Dark Cheek and Eye Palette Review & Swatches!

Purchased/ Affiliate Links There are times when a new product comes out that instantly draws my attention and I feel like I have to have it, but with Tarte Rainforest After Dark palette, I can honestly say that it was a makeup-fan love at first sight. The gorgeous packaging and the shades looked so beautiful that I just knew it will end up being my favorite Fall palette. It's been like 2 weeks since I got it and I have been using it every single day because this palette...more

It Cosmetics CC Full Coverage Cream with Mineral SPF 50 Review & Swatches!

Purchased / Affiliate Links When summer was just around the corner I decided to splurge a bit and get a really good bb or cc cream with high SPF that would work great in a hot weather. I was going through different reviews trying to find a product that will protect my skin from sun but also provide some decent coverage, when I came around...more

Top 5 Beauty Products of July 2014!

Purchased / Affiliate Links It was quite the challenge to pick only 5 products for my July's ...more

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick Review & Swatches!

Purchased / Affiliate Link ...more

L'oreal Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion with SPF 50 Review!

I have to admit that this Summer I have been pretty good about applying SPF on my face every day. When L'oreal came out with their tinted BB Face Lotion with SPF 50 I couldn't wait to give it a try. I thought of this product as just a better sunscreen for my face when I am on the beach, but I actually liked this product so much that I start using it on every day basis as a swap for heavy foundation or full-coverage bb cream ....more

Beauty Box 5 June & July 2014 Review!

I just recently received my July Beauty Box 5 and decided to review both June and July boxes in one post. To start with the most recent one, all I can say is that again, I am super happy with what I found inside. Let's check it out! ...more