2016 Annual Strawberry Picking at Shlagel Farm

In early May, the boys and I ventured up the road to Shlagel Farm on a muddy spring day for our annual strawberry picking. There is nothing quite like fresh berries picked off the farm. ...more

The Pfizer Pediatric

The Pfizer Pediatric Platform products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own. Welcome May! ...more

An Alternative and Natural Method for TTC- The Stork OTC

“While I have received compensation for this post from Fertility Planit, all opinions are my own.” If you have been reading my blog for a lengthy amount of time, you know that I have struggled with women’s health issues since a teen. I also shared my struggles with trying to conceive due to infertility difficulties related to PCOS. Thankfully during my struggles with trying to conceive, I received excellent medical care through a military fertility clinic that was local to me ....more

Sharing a Sweet Future in Bolivia

As a small business owner, corporate social responsibility is something I have given a lot of thought to. From choosing printing labs that use green packaging, to donating proceeds from my breastfeeding in public mini sessions to a local breastfeeding non-profit group, my efforts may be small, but they are important to my overarching business philosophy. From small businesses to larger ones, corporate social responsibility is vital to a successful company ....more

Noah’s 5th Birthday Letter

Dear Noah,...more

This is Seven

Dear Oldest Son,Happy 7th birthday my love (about a month late!). I can hardly even believe you are seven now. Just where does time go? ...more

Winter’s Play

As January comes to an end, I can’t help but wonder where the first month of the new year has gone. The Stavish boys have been busy enjoying the first snow fall, a fun trip to the lego store, outings out around town, and then a whooping of a blizzard. These everyday moments and out of ordinary events that fill their brains with new experiences that I have the pleasure of witnessing and guiding them through ....more

Christmas Wrap Up

Here it is nearly February and I am just getting to a Christmas photo wrap up. The boys had a great Christmas season, full of Santa, decorations, cookie making, and of course presents. Hope yours was great as well! ...more

Family Game Day Progresso Chili Recipes

Football and chili on a cold winter night is the best way to spend a Sunday evening. If your team is down, trying out one of the many game day chili recipes is the easiest way to make halftime better than the game. With NFL playoffs in full swing, there is a whole lot of football left to enjoy ....more

Catch the Moment Week 50 & 51

One more week too go off this project for the year!! I’m excited that this year is almost over. It’s been a rough one all around ....more