Our Little Apartment

Ashley lives in Massachusetts, owns her own design and photography company, Little Leaf,  and strives to live a life of simplicity and happiness with her adorable sons and husband. She shares amazing vegetarian recipes, tips on frugal and green living, and heartfelt tales of motherhood on her blog, Our Little Apartment.

On Having Kids Four Years Apart.

Quite often when I meet a mom with one child who is around 3, she asks me “so, how do you like your kids age gap? Because it’s looking like that’s what ours will be.” My kids are 3 years and 10 months apart. I usually respond something like “I like it! ...more

May Update &June Intentions

May Update- Only eat added sugar on the weekend....more

Homeschooling – Why and How We Do it for Kindergarten.

“We are homeschooling Gabe for kindergarten but we’re not the weird kind of homeschoolers,” I told our babysitter when I was interviewing her. Homeschooling just sounds a little sad and lonely, right? At least to me ....more

Finding Life after Loss.

Involves new hairstyles, eating my feelings in sugar form, and buying my kids matching clothing. I haven’t been sure what to write about here anymore. I feel like I’m 32, surely I shouldn’t be publicly journaling and sharing my thoughts, right? ...more

February Update & March Intentions.

(I’m going to start responding individually to the comments from my last post, but thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support....more

When Your “Rainbow Baby” Dies, Too.

On July 22nd, I took a pregnancy test. It was 12 weeks to the day after I’d given birth to Clare and still no period, so I wanted to be sure. To rule out pregnancy, right? ...more

February Intentions & Goals for 2017.

(Hi, hello, it’s been a LONG time. Probably the longest time period I’ve ever gone without blogging. Is anyone still reading? ...more

Life Lately // On Where We Live, Snow in October, Child Care.

I am on Twitter and Instagram most days, but here is our life lately: We absolutely, positively ADORE where we live. 27 restaurants within a three-quarters of a mile of us, a dozen coffee shops, a library, several yoga studios, several acupuncture clinics, a shopping center, a natural foods grocery store, and two pharmacies. To say that our quality of life has drastically improved is not an exaggeration ....more

Political Podcasts I Listen To.

This post will only appeal to a very small, very nerdy subset of people who...more

September Update & October Intentions

These leaves should be changing soon! [September...more