Ditch The Wheat

I'm a young female, who after becoming diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, took my health into my own hands.  Like a phoenix, I emerged from a plague of health problems and began healing my body by nourishing it with non-processed, low inflammation foods.  I now blog about the recipes I make at, Ditch the Wheat.

Food Swaps I Have Made Over The Years

I wanted to share with you the things in my diet that I have changed that might help you bring peace of mind to your diet. ...more

Free Meditation Course: If You’re Woo You’re Going to Like this!

I’ve shared some of my woo practices with you. It always makes me feel a little nervous, like will people still like me… (If you don’t know what “woo” means, it means spiritual) I really loved sharing the new EFT emotional eating course with you from my EFT therapist a few months ago. A small group of women who heard about the course through me joined the group and participated in the live group sessions ....more

8 Sneak Peek Recipes from the Ditch the Wheat cookbook!!!

When I was done writing the Ditch the Wheat cookbook I thought oh sh** now I have to get word out about my book!!! ...more

The Ditch the Wheat cookbook is now a Globe & Mail Bestseller!!!!!

Photo by Amy Densmore I have lots of BIG NEWS to share with you!!!!! I am now officially an international bestselling author!!!! On Monday March 21st, Susan, who handles PR for my publisher let me know the Ditch the Wheat cookbook made the Globe & Mail Bestseller’s list!!!!! ...more

Paleo Matzo Balls (Potato Kneidlach)

The holidays can be a tough time to eat gluten-free. ...more

Paleo Sandwich Bun Recipe: Sneak Peek Recipe from the Ditch the Wheat Cookbook

You know that gorgeous bun on the front cover of my new cookbook,...more

Cilantro Maple Sriracha Chicken Wings: Sneak Peek Recipe from Ditch the Wheat Cookbook

I make this recipe for Cilantro Maple Sriracha Chicken Wings all the time and then I say to myself, “this is...more

Today’s Special! The Ditch the Wheat Cookbook releases Today!

Remember that show Today’s Special? Maybe that was only a Canadian t.v. kid’s show???? Anyways it was about a mouse that lives in a mall and the store mannequins come to life at night ....more


Giveaway Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally have the 3 winners for the exclusive advance copies of the Ditch the Wheat cookbook. ...more

GIVEAWAY: 3 Advance Copies of My New Cookbook, Ditch the Wheat

I finally have my cookbook, Ditch the Wheat, in my hands! ...more