Ditch The Wheat

I'm a young female, who after becoming diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, took my health into my own hands.  Like a phoenix, I emerged from a plague of health problems and began healing my body by nourishing it with non-processed, low inflammation foods.  I now blog about the recipes I make at, Ditch The Wheat.


Thank you to everyone who entered the Vitamix Giveaway! And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…time to announce the winner! And the winner is…. ....more

GIVEAWAY: Vitamix – $479 Total Value

Each month I try to do a giveaway to thank you for being a fan of my site. ...more

Batch Cooking ~ Part 1: Roast a Chicken

Roasted Chicken Lately I’ve been talking about batch cooking. ...more

Winner of Giveaway: ClearTea Prize Packages – $166 Total Value

During the month of May I ran a giveaway for three prize packages of ClearTea. ...more

Winner of Giveaway: Solving Leaky Gut Course $297 Value

During the beginning of May I ran a giveaway for the Solving Leaky Gut Course!!! This course is amazing and I got to see it before it was released publicly. ...more

Pan-Fried Resistant Starch Potatoes with Paprika and Onions

Pan-Fried Resistant Starch Potatoes with Paprika and Onions I am loving how easy life has gotten since I got more into batch cooking. ...more

(Time Sensitive) Solving Leaky Gut Bonus Package: $252 Value

Hello! Wow, do I have a surprise for you! ...more

GIVEAWAY: ClearTea Prize Packages – $166 Total Value

I’ve been drinking ClearTea for the past few weeks. ...more

Resistant Starch Potatoes – What’s the Deal with Resistant Starch & How to Create It

How to Cook Resistant Starch Potatoes It all started when my friend Caitlin Weeks told me I had to read this article about resistant starch and thus began my journey into…gas land? I bought Bob Mill’s Potato Starch asap because I was like this stuff will make me skinnier and be nourishing for my body, I’m in!...more

Best Paleo Chocolate Brownies EVER!

Best Paleo Chocolate Brownies This recipe not only satisfies my sweet tooth, but treats like this have allowed me to adhere to my grain-free lifestyle for almost 3 years! ...more