Dabble Launched Today

Mary Hodder announced today that Dabble, "the first comprehensive online catalog of videos in the word made by users" is out of Beta and up and running. According to the Dabble Blog, Dabble collects metadata,  including user generated tags, licensing, authors and locations,  from hundreds of  thousands of video clips.

Users can search, browse, view, and request videos from all over the web. Dabble does not host video but "but instead, makes media from anywhere on the web searchable, collectable through our bookmarking tool, part of a community, able to be tagged and commented upon, made into playlists and played."

 Hodder, the founder and CEO of Dabble says "Besides information about the video itself like the title or where it's hosted, we have information about who made it, who's in it, tags from outside of Dabble as well as our users, and who's watching and collecting it into playlists. Dabble exposes the value of media. We're like a new kind of guide for the new TV: web video."

Dabble accesses over 240 video hosting sites, from YouTube to small independents. According to John Battelle, Dabble is positioned as "an axis of video content" because it has been able to develop 120 collaborative partnerships that will allow Dabble access to video content that would bet hat would normally block spidering.

First you join Dabble and create a profile; Dabble is a social network. Next you browse or search for videos and if you want to save it, you click "Add to Dabble."  Then you can tag it, add other information and put it in your playlist. You can search for other people you know on Dabble and invite friends to join. You can make requests for things you want, offer things that you have or look for others with similar interests.

Susan Crawford writes, "Welcome to the world, Dabble!  You didn't have to ask permission -- you just launched today, and you're a zippy new place that lets users create guides to online video.  (You've got a blog, too!  Good work!)  There's no telling what you'll be able to do in time -- you're the first of your kind. People are uploading video by the scores, and they'll need to be able to find what they like.  You're filling that need.It's a need we didn't even know we had a year ago.Dabble Land is an interesting place.  People have ideas, they have energy, and they just put their heads down and work.  (Go, Mary!)  Then they launch something new and watch it grow."

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