Wine to Weightlifting

Established in 2012 and consistently growing ever since, Wine to Weightlifting chronicles my interest in health and fitness, with topics including female weightlifting, Crossfit, and occasional running. 
Through my blogging relationships, I am an ambassador for the health and fitness social networks Sweat Pink, Girls Gone Sporty, Greatist, as well as an ambassador and promoter for Energybits and BuluBox. My blog is also part of blog networks Healthy Living Blogs, Blogher, Clever Girls Collective, Shareaholic, and SITS Girls.

I also cohost a podcast at Single and Sweaty, talking about the struggles being a single girl in a health and fitness-focused world.

Cryotherapy: Submerging myself in a -265’F chamber

Living in Michigan this time of year, the weather is nothing short of unpredictable, with 60 degrees and sun one day, 30 degrees and snow the next. I love having seasons, but one thing I can tell you I don’t like is being cold. So when I...more

What happens in Vegas..

In the two and a half days, I have spent over 20 hours at the Las Vegas Convention Center, surrounded by over 15,000 like-minded people, all with an internal belief system of being destined for something bigger than a traditional way of thinking, all who operate on high frequencies, and all who are living out a purpose of growth and contribution. Motivational speaker and philanthropist Tony Robbins was within a couple hundred feet of me, and my soul was immensely filled...more

Is it better to wait?

I recently heard someone rant about the twisted dating world the hopeless romantics live in these days, where there is very little respect and commitment when it comes to making plans, keeping plans, and the nonconfrontational breakups that happen when one is ghosted, slowly fading into the world ignored messages and unopened snaps. Did you know that’s how it works these days? Extremely passive ....more

On Dating.. or my MBA.. or Self-Love or Some Ramblings Like That

“That’s sexy,” someone told me after I disclosed...more

When it rains. In your car.

I read a quote recently that how you start your day is how you are going to live your day. And how you live your day is how you are going to live your life. While I do agree that how you live your days is a pretty good indicator of how your life is going to go, I have a long way to go in getting my mornings in a place to set the tone for the day ....more

Like riding a bike

I pulled up in my driveway yesterday after a longer-than-usual commute home from the day J.O.B. (Did you know Michigan has two seasons? Winter and construction? It’s a real thing!), half listening to the conversation I was having on the phone, half thinking that I need to get my driveway re-concreted, half thinking about the terrible workout I was going to endure that evening, half thinking about the busy week ahead....more

How do you eat an elephant?

Stumped? One bite at a time. I have heard this joke quite a few times recently as I have delved deeply into the world of what was one called “self-help” and now I think better proclaimed as “personal development.” At least that’s what I like to think of it as ....more

Do I Even Lift?

A strange thing happened to me today. I have been missing something in my ridiculously crazy busy life and know it is largely in part that I have not been able to write my usual novel posts. This pretty little blog space that I am paying a good amount for hosting fees, has been quite neglected ....more

On fear

Well hello… life. I miss my happy little corner of the internet, but as much as I plan on sitting down and taking the time to write, days, weeks, MONTHS go by.. and here I am ....more

You don’t know who you inspire

“Wow, that was amazing!” the unfamiliar face said to me with wide eyes and a big smile while I was standing up after being exhausted from pushing the 360# sled across the turf. I smiled back at the very petite mother of two, who looked like she weighed no more than 100# herself, impressed at her drive pushing her last sled push at 245#. It was her third Crossfit class and her first Saturday team workout, in which Coach Morgan always comes up with the most horrific and devious workouts; this one filling almost the full hour of teams rotating doing sled pushes of increasing weight ....more