She Calls Me Mama Leisha

My name is Aleisha, but sometimes my hilarious and zany five-year-old calls me "Mama Leisha."  I am a lover of lipstick, a compulsive buyer of shoes, and a drinker of Diet Coke.  I'm a mother of two and a friend to many.  I love chocolate chip cookies and purses and cheeseburgers and nail polish!  Stop by "She Calls Me Mama Leisha" and say HI!  I'd love it!

I Feel Happy When...

Mr. Matt has a bushy beard that hides thumbprint-sized dimples in his cheeks. ("Social workers can't afford razors," he jokes.) His eyes are kind, his office is small, and he has a magnificent way with Camren ....more

Now They Will Have Peace!

I distinctly remember a time I overheard Lilly playing with her dolls. She was a sweet and saucy three-year-old who had just discovered the wonders of her imagination and "pretend play." I was wiping down kitchen counters--remnants of spilled breakfast cereal left to petrify on the formica unless I acted fast--while she played in the adjacent living room. I could hear her tiny voice playing the parts of both the mommy doll and the daddy doll, which she clutched in her hands:"Alright baby, it's time for your nap.""Let's put you in your crib."I peeked into the living room and saw her gingerly place the plastic baby doll in her pink cradle ....more

Playing Dead

Initially, we thought signing Bridget up for soccer was a good idea. And why wouldn't we think that?! She is rambunctious and fearless ....more

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

My daughter, Lilly, is growing up. And quite frankly, it's killing me!I mean, I knew it was inevitable...right? The natural progression of life tells us that aging happens--day by day, year by year; there is no stopping it ....more

Receiving Compassion

Usually, when I sit down to write--fingertips hovering over white alphabet keys, computer screen softly glowing in my eyes--I have a carefully thought-out idea as to what my post will be. It has a beginning, a middle, a lesson or a funny anecdote, an ending. Today is a little different in that I have so many thoughts bumping around in my head, but with so little structure and order ....more

What Can We Learn? (A Tale of Waxing and Autism)

Fact: I have the best conversations in the most unusual places. Like that time I went to see my gynecologist for my annual checkup. I was sitting on the exam table in that poor excuse for a hospital gown (they call it a drape when they should call it a napkin) and that awful paper sheet (that barely covers your bits), when my doctor came rushing into the room in a fluster and a flurry ....more

Car Conversations and Basic Invite!

Our best conversations usually take place in the car.It was a pretty typical winter's day--the air was cold, the snow was deep, and gray clouds loomed over the valley. We were running lots of mundane errands together, trying to make it fun by singing along to pop songs on the radio. Our route eventually took us past the high school in our area ....more

Lemons, Lemons, Lemons!

Sometimes life hands you lemons. Big lemons. Small lemons ....more


Lately, Camren has been incorporating the word phenomenal into his vernacular. It has been a delightful experience, watching him attempt to use it in hilarious and random ways. He uses the word to describe mundane tasks and seemingly unimportant events ....more

Apple Pie Prayers

I ate apple pie for breakfast. I suppose I justified it by telling myself all kinds of silly trifles, like: "An apple is a fruit, Leish, so this is actually healthy." And, "Life is short, so just eat the pie. It's really not a big deal..."But in actuality, you guys, as I shoveled that warm cinnamon-y goodness into my mouth I realized something: I feel sad ....more