five great things someone else said, vol 48

As the right side of the country continues to deal with freezing temps, here in Los Angeles we’re trading January for June. Unlike the polar vortex, this temp shift doesn’t pose quite the level of chaos, though it points a big, blinking Vegas-style neon sign for fire alert directly at … ...more

The Type A Storefront: Open Late

Every night for the last few weeks, I would be working on a Type A project or a writing deadline and think of something I wanted to blog about. Like, how this June in January weather has me thinking rather seriously about moving somewhere with seasons. Or how I’m clueless … ...more


A friend asked if I’d make her some labels to add to care packages she sends home with friends and family after Christmas Eve dinner. I thought it was a fabulous idea. For Christmas Eve and Christmas and New Year’s, too ....more

five great things someone else said, vol 47

Growing up, it always felt like the holidays arrived in Los Angeles like any other city. Except they didn’t. In this almost seasonless town, we have to work to make the change of season apparent ....more

gather round you friends of mine. it’s cookie time.

Sometimes I just need a cookie. Nothing fancy. But free of soy, gluten, egg and dairy, please ....more

five great things someone else said, vol 46

Each Thanksgiving, there’s a tradition in my family, like so many families, where we go around the room and say what we’re thankful for. We used to do this before dinner, but we’ve learned that during dinner works best. Because I have a big family ....more

Hurry Up And Slow Down

I often cringe when I hear myself saying how quickly time flies, deeply aware that as a child it was he sort of thing I hated hearing adults say. But they did. All of the time ....more

Department of Redundancy Department

If at one in the morning you call your own phone number to check your voicemail, it’s a really good idea to make sure you dial carefully. Because that series of numbers must remain in a specific order. Area code, too ....more

Alexandra Read: Karma Gone Bad

When I was eight, we almost moved to India while my father was making a film. Months in Jaipur followed by a few more in London. Everything was being planned when a WHO emergency travel advisory brought things to a halt ....more

five great things someone else said, vol 45

I am a list maker. A planner. It’s the way I keep the juggle of scriptwriting and writing in script, of writing and editing and calligraphy and photography (well, less photography these days) – all of the bits and pieces of my creative life – it’s the only way to … ...more