Easy Zip Tie Decorated Votives Craft Idea

Last time I was in Michaels, I swear for just a couple of things, these brightly colored zip ties simply called out to me. I had no I idea what I wanted to craft with them, but I knew I could figure out something. Zip ties can serve many purposes from binding cords together to attaching things together ....more

10 Spring Inspired Projects & DIYs plus MONDAY FUNDAY Link Party

It’s time for another PARTY people! Last week I had fun with mason jars and plastic eggs – quite a combo right? I LOVE the new vintage green mason jars that are in stores now, and I think they make the BEST homemade cookie jars ....more

4th of July Inspired Popsicles and Zoku Quick Pop Maker Giveaway

Ok, here in Southern California we have suddenly hit temperatures of 100+ degrees! It feels like we skipped right past Spring and jumped straight into Summer! We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite blogging friends to give you this COOL giveaway ....more

7 Game Day Great Soccer Tips with DOLE Fruit Squish’ems

I received this post opportunity as a member of the Mom it Forward...more

Plastic Egg Russian Nesting Dolls Craft Idea

Yep, I am still crafting with plastic eggs. I know it is way past Easter, but I knew when I saw these “hide-n-seek” eggs in the stores I had to grab them up and craft with them. The set I bought have 3 nesting eggs inside each other – perfect to turn into cute Russian nesting dolls, right? ...more

Mason Jar Gift Idea – Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar

I love this quote! But more than that, I love the new vintage green mason jars that are in stores now. I just had to do a fun mason jar craft idea with them! ...more

10 Home & Garden Projects to Try and Monday Funday Link Party

We are so excited to announce that we have joined forces with 7 of our favorite blogging partners and are co-hosting the fabulous Monday Funday Link Party with them. You may remember when we guest-hosted the party back in 2013, and now we are so excited to join the party for good!! Hooray! ...more

11 Cool Rainbow Loom Bracelets for Kids to Make

Or the real reason I wanted to do this post is to help learn the tween rainbow loom language. Every time my daughter makes a new design with her Rainbow Loom I ask her what it’s called, and I always get an answer like she is ordering a drink at Starbucks. “It’s the double-single, Mom, or the rainbow triple-single.” There are tons and tons of video tutorials out there, and honestly that is the preferred way my daughter likes to learn a new design ....more

Call for Summer 2014 Contributors

Hey everyone, we are hosting and open call for Summer contributors. We would love to share some of your crafty ideas with our audience and help gain exposure for you with our social media juice. We are looking for a FOOD contributor, HOME DECOR DIY contributor, KIDS GAMES or CRAFT contributor, and PRINTABLES contributor ....more

Baby Onesies Flower Gift Basket DIY

Yep, baby onesies turned flowers. One of my favorite baby shower gifts has been a cupcake onesies gift box. And when my neighbor announced she was pregnant and having another boy, I wanted to make one for her too, but with a little twist ....more