Things I Can't Say

Shell spills it all about mom life on Things I Can't Say. All those things thought but probably best not shared with the moms at the playground, you'll find here. Shell is a mom to three boys and wife to a guy who always makes her laugh. Find her in yoga pants, flip flops... and online more than she should probably admit.

The Weirdest Thing about Middle School

This school year brought about a big change in our house: middle school. And it’s weird. Not for my son- he’s adjusted to it and really likes his new school ....more

Buckeye Pretzels

I was looking for an easy dessert that would be good to take to a PTO lunch. So, finger food, not super messy, would make a lot, but each individual piece small enough because there would be a ton of other desserts, too. Buckeyes are one of my favorite desserts and they would fit the type of dessert I was looking for- the peanut butter and chocolate- yummy! ...more

Loving the New Fall Shows: Notorious

This is a sponsored post, but all tv obsessed opinions are my own....more

Make a Soccer Mom Shirt

My sports mom style usually is: whatever is clean (or semi-clean), comfortable, weather-appropriate, and okay to wear around kids (my short lounge around the house shorts- those stay home). If I was really on top of things, I might put on a shirt that matches my kids’ team colors. But I never ordered a personalized shirt with my child’s team name or number on it ....more

The Smart Talk: How to Set Technology Rules for Kids

You know the rules, I say to my kids. We have rules and expectations for pretty much everything. They have heard them so often, that instead of me reiterating them, I’ll ask them to tell me the rules for a given situation, like telling me the rules for the swimming pool as we’re pulling onto the road where the pool is ....more

Find the Time

The parenting shuffle. Juggling the kids and their schedules-pushing this thing off to that time, doubling up on work one day to make time the next, asking for help with carpooling the kids. It’s no joke ....more

Better Things: A Show Moms Will Relate To

We’re all just trying to do the best we can as moms. And sometimes that looks like losing it on the judgmental bystander who is shooting you dirty looks because of a parenting choice you made… where you know what’s going on and you’re doing what you need to do, but that judgey mcjudgerson doesn’t know that… so you lose it on them because you’ve already had enough. That’s exactly what happens in the opening scene of the new FX show Better Things ....more

How to Save Money on Prescriptions

Because I love saving money, I’m partnering with ScriptSave® WellRx to share how I save money on prescriptions. Good deals: they’re kind of my specialty. In order for my family of five to not just have what we need, but also some of what we want, it really helps if I can find deals ....more

4 Things Your Cat Will Teach You

Dobby Cat is definitely a member of our family. He likes to curl up and snuggle in with us. We miss him when we’re not at home and he definitely misses us – he lets us know by his meows when we walk in the door, even if we’ve only been gone for an hour ....more

How to Use a Spin Pin

When I have time, I flat iron or curl my hair. But I’ll admit that most days, if I’m just working from home and the only people who will see me are family and possibly the crossing guard at school pick up, I either braid my hair or toss it into a bun. Regular bobby pins don’t do a whole lot in my hair ....more