Seeded at the Table

Nikki Gladd is the creator, author and photographer of Seeded at the Table, a food and family blog.  Since 2007, Nikki shares recipes and ideas that inspire families and friends to gather for joy and community. Whether it’s a meal, a group project, road trips or game nights, Nikki believes relationships grow when making time for one another.

On Seeded at the Table, you will find easy recipes using everyday ingredients, along with family stories, house projects, favorite products and travel adventures. Come join us as we plant these seeds of life!

Nikki and her husband, Ben, are in full-time ministry and have lived all over the country, from six years in Chicago followed by two years in Southern California to where they currently reside near Jackson, Mississippi. They have a 4-year old son, Judah, and a 1-year old boy, Simon.

Layered Fiesta Dip with Greek Yogurt Ranch

A kid-friendly party snack with a few simple layers of your favorites, including ranch dip made with Hidden Valley’s newest dry mix specially formulated to mix with Greek yogurt. With the 4th of July holiday coming up, you might be searching for a few appetizers and dips for a party you’re hosting or one you’re attending....more

Home Tour: Sauder Nico Accent Chair (Design Challenge)

Read on to take another peek into our home, and how I decorated a new piece of Sauder furniture. Hey guys!...more

Apple Butter Cherry Cobbler Bars

These cherry cobbler bars are simple and sweet with cherry pie filling and the great, unique taste of Musselman’s Apple Butter. How about a new spin of cherry cobbler?...more

Pimento Cheese Breakfast Bake

This cheesy sausage breakfast casserole...more

Skillet Parmesan Zucchini Tomato and Corn

This simple summer vegetables side dish is cooked quickly in the skillet, then tossed with Parmesan – ready to accompany any weeknight summer meal. Summer break is already here in good ol’ Mississippi. ...more

County Seat Restaurant: Mississippi Farm to Table [Town of Livingston]

Farm to table restaurants (restaurants who source their food as locally as possible) are starting to appear in the state of Mississippi, and I can’t be more thrilled. County Seat Restaurant is one of the Jackson, MS area’s own pioneers for this sustainable way of dining. Last week, we had our chance to dine at the Chef’s Table and experience up close...more

Grape Mint Tomato Salad (Ally’s Kitchen Cookbook)

Cool down this summer with this refreshing tomato salad that is spruced up with grapes, red onions and mint! ...more

Salted Cream Iced Coffee with Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Cookies

Take a break with Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies...more

Terranea Resort: Southern California’s Family Friendly Oceanfront Luxury

Travel only thirty minutes south of the Los Angeles airport (LAX) to find family-friendly paradise at Terranea (terra-NAY-ah) Oceanfront Resort...more