The One That Marks the End

I cannot write this post without tears in my eyes. I feel silly admitting...more

Amelia Grace: Nine Months Old

At nine months, Amelia...more

Two Days a Week

Baby bump flashback It’s almost been a month since I’ve blogged! I have a goal for myself: blog two days a week in the month of June. I just wrote up Amelia’s nine month update (it’ll be up tomorrow), and it made me realize how much I miss blogging for fun ....more

Where Do I Go from Here?

Yesterday, I got an email saying that my domain name expires...more

Amelia Grace: Eight Months Old

How do I describe how quickly time is flying? I feel like I’m on a treadmill that is going too fast and I can’t keep up, yet there...more

I Tried Orangetheory Fitness

About a month ago, on our way to Florida, Jordan, Amelia and I made a stop in Nashville to visit my sister. When we were planning our stop, I asked Molly if she’d want to take a class together at the gym. I knew I’d be sitting in the car for two days, and I also knew that doing something active would be good for me (mentally, mostly!) ....more

How We Made Road Trips with an Infant More Manageable

Amelia has been on three road trips so far. One at 2 1/2 months, one at 3 1/2 months and one at 7 months. The first two were trips to Michigan — a five hour drive — and the last one was a trip to Florida — a 19 hour drive, thanks to traffic ....more

Life Lately

Do you ever come home from vacation and feel like you need another vacation? That’s how I felt last week. I could barely keep up with my part-time job, so blogging was out of the question....more

Amelia Grace: Seven Months Old

This has had to be the fastest month of my life...more

My Experience with INSANITY MAX:30 (One Month In)

A little over a month ago, Jordan and I decided to buy a new workout program. In an effort to save money, both of us gave up our gym memberships, and we wanted to invest in something new that could be easily done at home. I did a little bit of research, and decided on INSANITY MAX:30....more