The Farewell Blog Post

Around Christmas this past year, I kind of hit a breaking point. Maybe a mid-life crisis of an overwhelmed mother, with 17 balls in the air and not a pair of pants that fit well....more

Humpty Hump

Wearing... Gretta's, non-restricting, flowy wardrobe. She was three days late yesterday and demanded Steak n Shake for lunch ....more

The Sauna Sled

There are only a few days a year where I genuinely look forward to going back to work after a really long weekend. Today is one of those days. Chris on the other hand has today off so he is home one more day with the bonzos ....more

Long Weekend + $50 Target Giveaway

I am about to head out the door for work. I usually work from home on Friday's, but the goons are home with Chris today, so I am being the productive employee I am and going into the office on a Friday. I FEEL LIKE A PEASANT....more

Haven's Big Week + Giveaway News

I posted yesterday on instagram how I signed up to be the assistant coach on Haven's t-ball team. I wanted to spend some extra time with him and make sure some 16 year old park staff was not ran off course with Haven Stanfield's shenanigans. The other upside is that I wouldn't be sitting on the sidelines with Olive Betty, in the 90 degree heat, while she dumps Gatorade all over herself.And even though I signed up, all of the above happened anyway ....more

The Surprise!

Every year, I always have these elaborate plans for my birthday. A few years ago, we basically made into a family reunion. Last year, my friend Betsy flew me to Charleston for a girls weekend ....more

{Hell} No

At the beginning of the year, I made a few New Year's Resolutions... and within a few weeks, I failed at all of them but one. My main thing this year was to start saying NO more.It's not something I do ....more

Shedding the Winter Coat

I had a post a few weeks ago about how I used to think I was fat. Then I looked back on those pictures and would sell both of my kids and one of my kidneys to slap my 130 pound self in the face for being so ridiculous.Over the weekend, I had a college reunion of sorts, where I saw a few old roommates from college. It's been six years since I have seen this group of guys.. ....more

Game Changers

This has been one of those weeks where plans flip, doors close, others open, and I lose three pounds on another one of my fad diets. >>>> Hubby Jack is officially done with blog designs. He doesn't talk much about his job, but he works in the OR ....more

"Made from Scratch"

This post is sponsored by Stouffer's. Something I don't mention often is that I have a sister about 14 years older than me. I leave some people off this page for privacy reasons ....more