What true acceptance looks like: that time Brenna took dance class

“I want to take a class like Connor!” The request began to come in weekly as I dropped Connor off at gymnastics class last year, and Brenna watched all of the young kids head into the gym together to swing on the bars, dance, tumble and play games. And so, at the start of the school year, we...more

Adding it up: matching your donations for Ichthyosis Awareness Month!

It all adds up. Each time someone reads a blog post to learn more, each time someone shares or connects with another, each small conversation with a child about the greatness found in different appearances or abilities… that builds upon itself to lead...more

Friday Favorites: May 20

Today is the final day to apply for my Book Launch Community for A Different Beautiful! Read more about my launch team and then go here to fill out a very short application. I have 100 spots open, and I’d love to see you be a part of this fun and encouraging community leading up to the release of my book! ...more

{Celebrating Beautiful} From Insecurity to Beauty Pageants, by Bailey Pretak

In blogging for the last 4 years, I’ve written about many different topics, but one theme that has remained constant has been my focus of...more

Harlequin Ichthyosis at 4 years old

Brenna lay back as I grabbed the tub of Aquaphor from its cozy warmer. I started to pull on medical gloves when she turned and said “I wanna wear gloves too! I wanna help!” “Well, you don’t need gloves to put it on yourself,” I told her, “but hold out your hand.” I scooped a small dollop of lotion onto her fingertips, and she began rubbing it around her belly ....more

Finding family values and inclusion at Step2

When the opportunity came up four years ago to apply to be a “toy tester” for Step2, it was not only the chance to try out a couple of new toys that was appealing to me – it was the company itself. I’d seen enough of Step2 online to know that they were a leader in the industry for appearance and ability diversity, and since then I’ve been more than impressed as I’ve gotten to work with Step2 for the last four years and have discovered the rich family values that encapsulate every level of the company. My excitement, however, is at an all-time high… because Step2 approached...more

You’re Not Enjoying Every Second if You’re Doing Motherhood Right

We hear it everywhere we go, in every early stage of motherhood. When we’re pregnant, when we have a newborn, when we’re nursing, when we have babies who start to walk, toddlers who start to throw food, preschoolers who start every sentence with “Why?” It is a well-meaning sentiment that becomes a seemingly impossible task dangled before us: “Enjoy every second.” But as I look around me at my fellow moms in the trenches of these little years, it feels like this advice is...more

Let’s All Say #ThanksTeach to Support Education!

When I heard that Connor’s Kindergarten...more

Championing for the Cause

You know what they say about life… Carpe Diem! Or, in this case, Carpe DM. As in “Dance Marathon”! ...more