Why is doing what we love so *$^ hard?

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I love to make the observation that friends with 9 to 5 jobs often tell me I am a lucky girl--as if luck has had anything to do with letting go of financial security has had anything to do with being lucky. If I am lucky, it took a lot of work and faith to get this way.

Still, I can understand why it's so hard taking the leap into meaningful work. Once we reach the precipice and are about to take the leap, we question, what's meaningful? A number of times I made the sudden realization that going out to dinner regularly and knowing my rent would be paid was far more "meaningful" than loving what I do.

I marvel at Evelyn Rodriguez, who has made a career out of finding her niche. In this phase, her niche is in Asia, where she's gone to report from areas recovering from the tsunami. She writes about how deceptively difficult it is to do what you love.