Beetroot and goat’s cheese spread

Beetroot and goat’s cheese is such a perfect combination – I know it’s been done lots of times by lots of people (myself included!), but it just works so well that it seems a shame to do anything else with the ingredients. Here’s a super quick way to use the flavour combination – beetroot and goat’s cheese spread! It’s unbelievably easy to make, and only has three ingredients – roasted beetroot, creamy...more

Edible Mr Potato Head

I think this might just be the single most ridiculous recipe I’ve ever shared here. In fact, it’s not even a recipe really, it’s just a reason...more

Artichoke and feta quinoa salad

As a great person once...more

Goat’s cheese and apple pie bites

It’s Bramley Apple Week! I bet you didn’t even know that Bramley apples had a week. It might seem a little strange to have an entire week dedicated to apples (and one particular variety of apples, at that), but Bramley apples are almost a British institution ....more

Macaroni cheese with brown butter leeks

It’s macaroni cheese time! I haven’t posted a macaroni cheese recipe in forever, and since it’s my joint favourite food in the world (joint with pizza, obviously), I thought I should remedy that situation swiftish. Before you start thinking that this is just...more

This Month’s Recipes: January 2015

I very, very nearly wrote 2014 in the title of this post. Every year it takes me until at least July to consistently get the date correct, and then it’s nearly time to change again. Woe is me ....more

Double decker chickpea tacos

Before I made these double decker tacos, I’d never cooked with hard corn taco shells before. I’d eaten them a few times...more

Kale and avocado burritos

Okay, this is probably more of a kale and avocado wrap than a kale and avocado burrito, but since I have absolutely no idea what the heck a burrito actually is, let’s just go with burrito. Either way, my goodness this was amazing. Mashed...more

Low carb pizza frittata

Apart from being a vegetarian, I don’t follow any particular diet. But if I was going to, a low carb diet makes the most sense to me – much more sense than a low fat diet, a raw diet, etc. If you feel the same, here’s a low carb dinner idea for you – pizza frittata! ...more

Cheater’s 15 minute mushroom risotto

If you’re a risotto purist, look away now. This definitely isn’t how they make risotto in Italy – but if, like me, you’re often feeling far too lazy to make risotto the proper way, this is the recipe for you! I absolutely adore mushroom risotto ....more