Closing Keynote: ROOTS: Readings from the New BlogHer Food Community Anthology

It is so wonderful to bring the community keynote to the blogger space. We had more than 300 submissions and didn't want to let anyone go and we had to get it down to 40. What's so wonderful about Roots the whole idea of the book is weighted with memory and promise. A new discovery, the stories had so much variety. Cultural traditions, food history, lots of grandmas. It's an amazing story. ...more

How and Where to Distribute Your Video

Let's start with goal and purposes with making your video, important to know before producing your video..why are you doing this and what are your goals. We will each share a video that we have produced. ...more

Brand/Blogger Relations

We are going to talk about 5 topics today including ways to connect with brands as bloggers. One of the great things about this panel is there are going to be a bunch of great perspectives. Brands and bloggers need it to be mutually beneficial for both of them. ...more

Scale Your Small Business

Scale your small business: How to elevate your blog to the next level ...more

Tools of the True Change Agent

Thank you all for coming to the panel. This is about crowd funding- how many have you done a project like that on Kickstarter or Indigo go? Just the panel’s ok. Some of you may be relatively new to this. ...more

Ooey, Gooey, Gorgeous and Healthy Food Photography

Thank you for coming to the Ooey, Gooey, Gorgeous and Healthy Food Photography session. If you have questions or comments we have someone with a mic that will walk around and help you. ...more

Your Brand + Your Causes

Purpose: How effectively to use your blog and business to trumpet your philanthropic causes. Initially we thought about 4 people on the panel to support 1 cause, but not.. plans changed to address different causes. ...more

Workshop - Salvage That Bad Photo!

This will be about how to take a decent photo, but you don't want a bad photo and making it mediocre, you want a mediocre photo good. You're in bad lighting, you're in a restaurant, you're going to be a in a bad situation to take a photo, but you have a good chance of taking a better photo. ...more

Kitchen Demo: Use It or Lose It! Preservation Workshop

What is CSA: Community Supported Agriculture. There are a variety of ways to deal with over abundance of produce. We like to minimize the amount of food waste. ...more
Here's a recap with links to recipes and resources:

Workshop - Write a Cookbook Proposal

Panelists: Sally Ekus Literary Agent The Lisa Ekus Group @SallyEkus Corinne Fay ...more