A few words from our Sponsors: BlogHer's Sponsor Presentation Theater

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For those of you who are like me and like to plot their schedules at conferences (do you color code too?), you should know about BlogHer's Presentation Theater.

The Presentation Theater is designed to be a place where sponsors can run through extended presentations (15 - 20 minutes) for attendees who are interested specifically in their product or service. BlogHer adheres to a policy of no product shilling or demo-ing during sessions, but we recognize that our sponsors have valuable content to share, so we've reserved spaces for them scheduled during breaks and networking times.

On Day 1 of the conference, the presentations will take place outside of the General Session Room; on Day 2 the Presentation Theater will be in the Gazebo in the outside courtyard/common area.

Here's the Sponsor Presentation Schedule--with synopses from those companies that provided them. I encourage any of the presenting companies to offer up a synopsis in the comments of this post, if they'd like to share the content they will be presenting at BlogHer.

3:20-3:40PM - Yahoo!

3:40-4:00PM - Kaboodle

Day 2
10:00-11:00AM - WeightWatchers Online

12:30-12:50PM - Pluck
Pluck will discuss and demo BlogBurst, it's groundbreaking new service that puts mainstream online and print publishers such as SFgate, The Austin American-Statesman, and USAToday.com in contact with bloggers and that provides member blogs with attributed exposure in mainstream publications.

12:50-1:10PM - ThisNext
Learn how ThisNext—a shopcasting network where people can discover and recommend the best products for their lifestyle—is designed to help bloggers GROW your traffic, your voice and you! We designed our site, which launches in late August, to be a layer in your digital identity where we share traffic and, down the road, revenues with bloggers. Why? We believe that people who buy better live better and that product blogging can help further people's access to the things that help them express themselves in the world more fully. You don't have to wait a full month to see it: Get an early peek at our beta now.

1:10-1:30PM - FilmLoop
Come see a demo of FilmLoop – free software that gives you a uniquely straightforward way to share photos, and an instant way to jazz up your blogs with a live photo “ticker.�

With FilmLoop, you can share your photos with everyone you know without asking them to log into a web site, and without sending huge email attachments. And, whenever you add new photos – they see them too! Even if they are watching your photos as a screensaver! A terrific way to stay connected with friends and family.

Plus, we’ll show you how you’re a couple of keystrokes away from adding a cool moving “Loop� of your favorite photos to your blog – a Loop that you can refresh whenever you like with a simple drag-and-drop. A fun, easy and free way to primp your blog!

Demo attendees receive a free copy of Robin Williams book Mary Sidney's Sweet Swan of Avon: did a woman write Shakespeare?�(while supplies last).

2:00-2:15PM - Nestle/Contrex
Did you know? As many as three out of four women do not get enough calcium.

Contrex® Natural Mineral Water, sourced from a natural spring in Contrexéville, France, is now available in the United States. Like all water, Contrex can help the body flush out toxins. But, Contrex also replenishes you with calcium and magnesium for good health. A one-liter bottle, provides almost half of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for calcium (486mg) and 25% the RDI for magnesium (84mg). Contrex is packaged in one-liter and half-liter recyclable plastic bottles. Why not put something natural in your body without the unnecessary calories to replenish those needed minerals. Additional information on Contrex can be found online at www.contrex-usa.com or contact Kimberly Newhart at Kimberly.Newhart@waters.nestle.com.

3:05-3:25PM - Lulu
Lulu.com is the world’s fastest growing online self-publishing company. Using print-on-demand technology, we allow anyone to digitally publish and print as few or as many copies as needed. In addition to being a way for you to produce copies of your work, Lulu.com offers an online marketplace where you can offer your work worldwide. We take care of the printing, shipping and e-commerce. You just receive a royalty check when copies of your book are purchased. Lulu is free upfront, which means we only make money when you do!

When using Lulu, you are the publisher. That means editorial, copyright, and distribution control are in your hands. During our presentation, we will explain the basics of how to publish using our website and share information about the Lulu Blooker Prize: the first literary prize for blogs turned into books. This year’s winner will receive a $10,000 reward.