With our apologies to the rest of flight 985

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Is California ready for the 700- something bloggers about to descend upon it this weekend? Southwest Airlines barely survived two mommybloggers today.

I met up with Chris this morning and we wound our way across the country, gabbing nonstop about our kids, our food preferences, our excitement about BlogHer, and anything else that crossed our minds. Honestly, I'm not sure either of us stopped to breathe, the entire cross-country trip.

As the plane touched down in Las Vegas, the woman sitting on the end of our row asked if we were headed out for business or pleasure. We explained that we were headed to a conference and hadn't, in fact, met in person before today.

She blinked at us in disbelief. "Really? I thought from the way you were talking that you'd known each other since kindergarten!"

Chris and I exchanged knowing glances. "Well," I said. "I guess we know each other pretty well just from, you know, the computer." It just doesn't sound right when you say it out loud, you know?

Our seatmate deplaned, headed for another destination. We watched out the window as the plane lifted off again, eventually depositing us here in San Jose.

Now here we are. We're in the Hyatt lobby with fellow mommyblogger Jenn Satterwhite, and we're ready for the wild rumpus to begin. Because---after all---we're all already old friends.


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