A Divorcee’s Cheap Thrills, OR Pema Chodron Would Not Approve

Tee-hee Is it really bad-mouthing if it’s by proxy? Read my latest. You decide ....more

What I’m Thankful For: The Kindness Of An Old Friend

After one of my last, particularly beleaguered posts lamenting the albatross that the lack of child support has draped over my shoulders, an old friend, my first college roommate, actually, sent me a Facebook message offering to treat me to a facial. I thanked her profusely, but told her no, I was not yet that hard up. She messaged back, asking me if I would accept a free gift that she had gotten from Elizabeth Arden ....more

What I’m Thankful For: My Daughter’s Chance To Grow Into Who She Is

Shoe Design By Franny Yesterday, I toured a prospective school for Franny, who will be starting seventh grade next fall. During a presentation in the gym, she sat on the bleachers in between Prince and me. She had an arm curled around my arm and her dad’s arm, and I thought: that is so Franny ....more

What, Me Worry? Perimenopause, Panic Attacks, and Prince

Dear Fantastic Friends of Pauline: I just wrote a post about the joys of living with perimenopause. Cue: deranged laughter. Although I can’t offer you prize money, I promise to love you till the end of time if you would hop on over to DivorcedMoms and read that...more

The Son Who Used To Hate Me Is Now Kind Of Fun To Hang Out With

Luca and me In another week, all you lovely subscribers will be notified of my new posts on DivorcedMoms.com. They will be exactly what you would read here — just there. Until then, here’s a link to my latest ....more

My Big, Happy News

After many months of keeping my big, happy news a secret, I am thrilled to announce that Perils of Divorced Pauline has joined DivorcedMoms.com, a powerful resource and community of fantastic blogs, leading expert advice, and passionate writers — where anyone with a desire to share experiences or expertise can express herself and become ...more

Luca’s Back To School Night

I went to Luca’s Back to School Night last night. I had the pleasure of being there without Prince, who tends to monopolize these events, and was unable to go because he had a business meeting. Or maybe a meeting to select the grout in his new kitchen ....more

What I’m Thankful For: Anne Lamott Said It’s Okay To Be Bitter

Anne Lamott I was not going to write a “What I’m Thankful For” post this week because I’ve been in such a vile mood I couldn’t think of anything to be grateful for. I’ve been irritable and just a tad bit freaked out because of the uncertainty in my life, and then I completely went off the deep end on Friday when I stopped by one of the two houses Prince owns but does not live in in order to pick something up for Luca, and I saw that he was remodeling his kitchen. Let me say that once more, for emphasis, and also because that was a really long paragraph ....more

Ground Control To Major Pauline

I’m floating in a most peculiar way For the past week, whenever I’ve been in my car, I’ve listened repeatedly to David Bowie’s Greatest Hits CD, but particularly to Space Oddity, a song about an astronaut who steps out of his space ship, loses his connection to Ground Control, aka reality, and floats into who knows where. I couldn’t figure out why I was so stuck on this song, as I’ve never been a huge Bowie fan — until yesterday. Yesterday I gave my request for Prince’s Income and Expense Declaration, along with a proof of service form, to a friend who, per legal protocol, will mail the forms to Prince for me ....more

Not My Adoption Story

Yesterday the New York Times’ Modern Love column featured an essay by a young widow who met the daughter she had relinquished for adoption seventeen years earlier, and just one year after her husband died. When I reached the end of the column, I was totally rankled. Not because I didn’t think the writing was good ....more