Success Along the Weigh

I've lost over 200 lbs (with more to go) the old fashioned way along with my husband.  I believe in balance and moderation in both food and life!

Product Review: Vegetable Spiralizer

I love pasta but when it's 210 calories for 2 ounces and let's face it, 4 ounces is the typical serving, 420 calories for pasta alone doesn't always fit into the calorie bank. ...more

On the same bad page

About two weeks before we left for vacation, I started to get this horrible feeling. ...more

The best laid plans...patio edition

Happy Memorial Day all. ...more

Back to reality and what I'm reading this week

Sigh, first week back from vacay, always so trying going from doing what you want all day with seemingly unlimited funds back to being in your usual routine like you never left. ...more

A step in the right direction

(source) When we got together with my mom a few weeks ago for dinner, talk inevitably mentioned Grandma a few times. ...more

Up the Coast - Vacation pics

Two big arse road trips in 7 months, watch out asphalt! It turns out pretty much anywhere we would've chosen to go except our normal Hawaii trip would've been a weather cluster you-know-what. ...more

She's gone (she's gone)...oh why?

One more day of vacay for me yesterday and I didn't have it in me to edit pics...tomorrow. (source) But you may be wondering by the title why the heck I'm channeling Hall and Oates. ...more

We're back!

Well, I'm sure a few of you super observant folks may have noticed I've been absent on the responding front the past two weeks. ...more

What I'm dreaming of this week

I looked through the links I bookmarked and there were two this week. Uh, yeah. I guess I've been dreaming more getting past the freeze point so we can plant flowers, vacations and general tomfoolery ....more

Reducing our risk for good and not just for now

When you hit your rock bottom close to 500 lbs, the road to getting to anything resembling "normal" seems long, daunting and possibly unreachable. (Sorry spammers) It's pounded into your head that people can't lose that amount of weight without the assistance of weight loss surgery of some kind. ...more