Success Along the Weigh

I've lost over 200 lbs (with more to go) the old fashioned way along with my husband.  I believe in balance and moderation in both food and life!

I've got mail

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Yesterday was a pretty good day. ...more

Mac Fail, Party Triumph

Happy Monday all! I hope you had a good weekend. ...more

What I'm Reading This Week #28

I am so ready for the weekend. ...more

Grilled Honey Chipotle Zucchini

Just a quickie recipe for you guys today. ...more

Hey good lookin'

Whatcha got cookin'?My mom used to sing that to me for some reason when I was a kid. ...more

Productive Monday

It was a productive Monday for me. ...more

Scenes from the bucolic weekend

I think I mentioned that I needed a friggin' getaway this weekend or my brain was going to be toast. ...more

What I'm Reading This Week #27

Happy Friday all! I want to first take a moment to thank everyone for their amazing comments and messages this week with some of these difficult posts. ...more

Food Review: Trader Joe's Mango Chili Chicken

When we took my aunt paddling, I thought it would be fun to do a picnic when we were done. ...more

For those who can't "suck it up"

Ahh, "suck it up." ...more