Finding Your X-Factor

The Path to Resilience

Weeks ago, I was i ...more

Opportunities for Growth

Having healthy boundaries and desiri ...more

Have You Considered...?

Days ago, I particip ...more

What Happened to Common Courtesy?

[Editor's Note: Is it just me or does it seem like common courtesy left the scene with analog television? It seems the deeper we get into technology, the further away from common courtesy, personal connection, and general pleasantries we get. I love technology, but nothing beats actually engaging in the real-life human experience we are actually on this planet to have. -Paula G ...more
The discussions about courtesy throughout history have included 'glass half empty' and half-full ...more

Science And Technology Meet Fun!

I'm heeding the call from a friend to share this YouTube video and help it go viral. He writes: ...more

Sharing the Road with Michelle Ragusa

As someone called ...more

Leadership in the Digital Age

A few months back, I had the pleasure of participating in a video project entitled "Leadership in the Digital Age" with Clif McKenzie, CEO of Watson Furniture. In it, excerpts of our respective thoughts on leadership were shared. The producer was Rodika Tollefson, a well-loved journalist in the region who created this for University of Washington's MCDM (Master of Communication in Digital Media) programme where she is receiving her Masters. Below is a longer Q&A version of our conversation ....more

The Art of Listening

Recently, I had an ...more