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I have been an expat for 29 years, traveling the world with my husband and two daughters, making connections worldwide.  I have a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and have loved writing and editing for as long as I can remember.  My other love is food.  I grew up in a Cajun family where my grandmothers and mother showed love my cooking.  We showed we loved them back by eating it all!  My blog is all about food, wrapped up in my expat experiences.  

Chewy Almond Macaroons #CreativeCookieExchange

Chewy almond macaroons are super simple to make, delicious to eat, and beautiful on a platter for your tea party, brunch or shower. Made with whipped egg whites, they are simultaneously fluffy and chewy. If you ever make a custard dessert, like...more

Baked Chili Maple Bacon #SundaySupper

Kick your brunch bacon up a notch by brushing it with chili-spiked maple syrup. This baked chili maple bacon is cooked in the oven, for crunchy bacon without the splattering grease. I am a huge fan of bacon for breakfast or brunch, especially when it is combined with sweet and spicy elements like chili peppers and maple syrup ....more

Il Pane di Matera #BreadBakers

A wonderful crusty loaf made in the tradition of Matera bread, or il pane di Matera, from milled durum wheat and a sourdough starter. Let me start off with a disclaimer. This is not...more

Grilled Baby Octopus #SundaySupper

Grilled baby octopus is one of our favorite dishes, for a main meal or appetizer. The octopus is cooked until tender with garlic, hot chili peppers and red wine, then grilled to add smoky flavor and crunch. Believe it or not, even children love this dish! ...more

Apple Oatmeal Muffins #MuffinMonday

Apple Oatmeal Muffins have a bit of sugar, to be sure, but I like to think those are counterbalanced by the oats and apple to create a reasonably healthy muffin, perfect for breakfast on the go, or snacking. Happy Muffin Monday! This month we've got a short list of great muffins to share and a host to thank ....more

Lazy Cow Rich Tea Biscuits #CreativeCookieExchange

Rich tea biscuits are a British classic, baked up crispy so they are perfect for dunking in a cup of hot tea. Use my "lazy cow" method to avoid rolling out the dough and using cookie cutters. In the many years I’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off or GBBO as it’s known for short, I’ve learned a lot about British classics as well as traditional baked goods from other countries ....more

Roasted Spring Vegetables #SundaySupper

A good roasting in a hot oven brings out the best in most vegetables. Theoretically a side dish, I love a plate of these for a vegetarian main course. When you add a garlicky dressing, your roasted spring vegetables can be elevated to center stage ....more

Cornish Saffron Cake #BundtBakers

Cornish Saffron Cake is a traditional bake from Cornwall, made with an enriched yeast dough, flavored with saffron and sweetened with sugar. It is generally served plain or with lashing of butter or even some clotted cream. This month my Bundt Bakers group is being hosted by Felice of All That’s Left Are The Crumbs ....more

Soda Bread Farls #BreadBakers

Perfect for a quick breakfast or snack with a cup of tea, soda bread farls are quick bread “baked” on a stovetop griddle, rather than an oven. They are a traditional part of the Northern Ireland breakfast known as the Ulster Fry. The word farl is pronounced farrel and derives from the old Scots word fardel, which essentially means “a quarter.” The source of the name becomes apparent when you Please click on the title to see the full post ....more

Soy Glazed Sugar Snap Peas #SundaySupper

A favorite at our house, these soy glazed sugar snap peas are quick and tasty, the perfect side dish when time is short. We eat these every week or two as a side dish with pan-fried salmon and these fresh bright crunchy green peas go perfectly with that tender, rich fish. But I’ve got to tell you that these are so tasty you can even set them out as an appetizer, kind of like the fried Padrón Please click on the title to see the full post ....more