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I have been an expat for 29 years, traveling the world with my husband and two daughters, making connections worldwide.  I have a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and have loved writing and editing for as long as I can remember.  My other love is food.  I grew up in a Cajun family where my grandmothers and mother showed love my cooking.  We showed we loved them back by eating it all!  My blog is all about food, wrapped up in my expat experiences.  

Lemon and Prosecco Bundt #BundtBakers

This Lemon and Prosecco Bundt is perfect for any celebration where you want the guest of honor to feel special. After all, there is nothing like the pop of a cork to herald the beginning of a party. The fact of the matter is that everyone has a birthday ....more

ANZAC Biscuits #CreativeCookieExchange

ANZAC biscuits are a traditional cookie down under made with oats, coconut and golden syrup. These biscuits – always biscuits and never cookies – can be baked chewy or crispy and that’s a point that divides families. This month our Creative Cookie Exchange group theme is Healthy Cookies ....more

Honey Oatmeal Bread #BreadBakers

This honey oatmeal bread is baked with all-purpose flour, wholemeal flour and oats, with just enough honey to slightly sweeten it. It has a tender crumb and a crunchy golden crust. This month my Bread Bakers are here to support your efforts to eat healthier, if indeed, you are making an effort ....more

Baked Kibbeh with Yogurt Sauce #SundaySupper

Lean beef seasoned with mint, onion, cumin and allspice is mixed with bulgur wheat then baked in small balls till golden. Perfect for dipping in garlicky yogurt sauce. If you have a large iron skillet or another heavy baking pan, baked kibbeh gives you all the flavor and crunch of traditional kibbeh, without the oiliness of deep-frying ....more

Pepperoni Pizza Popcorn #FoodieExtravaganza

Pepperoni Pizza Popcorn is made with fresh popcorn kernels popped in the oil of fried pepperoni, plus ground sundried tomatoes, Parmesan and oregano. Perfect for your combo pizza/movie night. You know what’s hard to eat and type at the same time? ...more

Arroz con Coco y Lentejas – Coconut Rice with Lentils #SundaySupper

Arroz con Coco y Lentejas or Coconut Rice with Lentils is a traditional Colombian side dish seasoned with colorful bell peppers, onion, garlic, ginger, cumin and cilantro. It makes an excellent vegetarian Sunday Supper main dish. I love to cook but one of the most challenging parts of ...more

Maque Choux Cornbread Muffins #MuffinMonday

Maque choux is a spicy Cajun corn dish that makes an appearance at every holiday meal at my house. I am quite happy to eat leftovers from a bowl with a spoon but maque choux cornbread muffins are another delightful choice. Welcome to the final Muffin Monday for 2016! ...more

Tuna Salad Deviled Eggs #SundaySupper

Mix all the ingredients that make you love tuna salad with egg yolks and pile them in your egg whites to make tasty tuna salad deviled eggs. These are great for a party or a picnic. For many of the years we lived in Malaysia I held multiple roles at the American Association of Malaysia or AAM ....more

Coconut Snowball Mini Bundts #BundtBakers

Coconut snowball mini Bundts are subtly coconutty inside and full-on coconutty outside. Best of all, they look like small snowballs, perfect little sweet gifts for your neighbors and friends. If you can bear to give them away ....more

Cranberry Sweet Rolls #BreadBakers

Cranberries are the darling of this season, showing up in savory and sweet recipes. (For those of us who can't get Florida Strawberries!) They add both sweetness and a welcome tart bite to these cranberry sweet rolls. Perfect for Christmas morning ....more