The State Of The Garden.

I took a trip down to our garden on Monday after most of Sunday night’s snow melted to see what kind of mess I have on my hands when I start prepping in a couple weeks. I’d like to get in there and do all of the clean-up that didn’t get done in the fall so that when it comes time to plant, that’s all I have to worry about. Something I’d noticed earlier in the winter is just how bad the drainage is in the aisles of the new beds we created at the end of last summer ....more

If You Build It.

In 1992, when Cassie was a wee lass about as tall as her glasses were thick, her family built a house. 20 years later, she, along with her Canadian beau (yours truly) purchased that house from her parents and now, I am here today to show off a an album of photos from that very process! BE ....more

Broken Plow Brewing: Process.

I apologize in advance for how long this is. ...more

The Right Stuff II.

1. Tiny Death Star IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR ADORABLE. I have never been a...more

Broken Plow Brewing: Equipment.

As promised, I’m here to tell you guys all about our brewing equipment! Below you’ll see a couple shots of our equipment, numbered, with a legend to accompany. I wanted to refrain from this post being super photo heavy, so I didn’t take pictures of each separate piece ....more

Nursery Remodel: Part IV +

I say “+” because we had the wonderful experience of finding out the sex of our upcoming little Johnston yesterday and we want to share it with you all! There was no way we were going to wait until the birth to find out, so we’d been anticipating this for the last month. If you’re wondering, we were both getting the feeling it was going to be a boy, as was my mother ....more

Nursery Remodel: Part III

When we last left you, we had just picked out colours for the nursery, right after I went to town on the popcorn ceiling. What we hadn’t done yet was pick out a white to match or improve upon the current white of the doors and trim in the room. Which meant we had to make a special trip to our paint source just to pick up a myriad of white swatches to figure it out ....more

The Right Stuff.

There are always so many things that come to our attention on a day-to-day basis that could either make life easier, more fun or are just plain awesome and for all of the ones that we get to experience, it would be a shame for us to keep them all to ourselves! Bad Johnstons! Over at her blog, Cassie writes about her current favourites in her “Things I’m Digging” posts, like this one...more

Broken Plow Brewing: Introduction.

A few years ago, Cassie and I bought one of those small home brewing kits for her father as a gift. You know, one of the kits you can now just find in the kitchen section at Meijer. He was super excited because, well, a) it’s beer, and b) you’re in control of the outcome ....more

Garden Planning 2014.

As mentioned in an earlier post, our garden is going to be a much smaller scale this year. That being said, it’s still going to have about 500 sq. ft ....more