Can You Stay for Dinner?

28-year-old passionate cook, baker, and friend to chocolate. Six years ago I lost 135 lbs and have maintained a healthy weight ever since. I started my blog,, because I wanted to share my own walk through life, loss, and love of food. I had a library to fill with my thoughts on food, eating, and what goes best with chocolate. A zillion and one dishes in my recipe box. I am currently finishing my first of two books for Clarkson Potter, a weight loss memoir and a cookbook.

Mini Clementine Cream Tartlets

Something about Manhattan only being three and a half short hours away from Boston made me sure I wasn’t moving far away from home. It wasn’t Seattle, like last time. It wasn’t even Philadelphia, like the time before ....more

White Bean Puttanesca with Garlic Bread

I feel like I crossed a milestone this month. I have begun…to meal plan. And not just scribble down a few rough ideas on the back of an envelope on my way out the door to the market, either ....more

On eating meat

photo by Kevin Dooley I, Andie Mitchell, am crazy about animals. So let’s start there. I’m one of those annoying people who emails friends with the latest video of a squirrel and a duck playing together ....more

Eating Healthy Most of the Time Is Good Enough

photo by kris krug During my many years of ups and downs [and ups and ups and downs and ups get it], one of the most common patterns I created was starting a diet on a Monday and then falling off the wagon on Saturday. Once I “cheated” on the plan, I’d feel like it was pointless to continue and would quickly find myself returning to my old friends: doughnuts and drive-throughs. Breaking that cycle felt like something I’d never conquer ....more

Thoughts on The Biggest Loser, from Someone Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds

So there’s this show. The Biggest Loser. Maybe you watch it? ...more

Is Food an Addiction?

photo by Angelo De Santis ...more

Should you drink diet soda if you want to lose weight?

photo by Alejandro Mallea Those of you who follow the blog know that my biggest weakness when it comes to food is sugar. In terms of pure visceral enjoyment, cake may very well be my favorite meal (trust me, it can be a meal). So when I began to turn my health around and cut back on sweets, I turned to diet soda ....more

How to Eat Healthy in a New City

vincent desjardins ...more


Here are some of the photos I’ve taken recently. I think they show that I brunch a lot. See what you can make of them: Brunch at Fonda ....more

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays friends! I’ve been home in Massachusetts with family since Christmas Eve, and it’s been lovely. I was able to spend time with family and friends, eat eat eat, and most importantly, get up close and personal with the love of my life, Leonardo DiCaprio, in the Wolf of Wall Street, on Christmas day ....more