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Selling BlogHer 2015 Full Conference Pass!!

I need to sell my BlogHer 2015 Full Conference pass asap.  If you would like to purchase my $399.00 ticket for $375.00, please email me at My ticket can be easily transferred to you.Thank you!kate leong.Chasing Rainbows...more

$125 for Full Conference Pass!!!

Unfortunately my Mother in Law has a medical procedure scheduled for this weekend and I'd like to accompany her to the hospital instead.I'm selling my Full Conference Pass for $100 plus the $25 transfer fee.  Please note that as I received the "Blogger" rate, I need to sell to another Blogger.Send me an email if interested - Diana at VeggieNextDoor dot com.  Payment can be exchanged through PayPal or Google Wallet....more


Can't go due to mom's about $150 for a full access pass? Might be able to hook you up with a roommate, too! E-mail me at Need paypal to do business (Thanks Jennifer for showing me the importance!...more

Wanted: Pathfinder - Your Blog as Media Company

I'm interested in purchasing a Pathfinder pass to the "Your Blog as a Media Company" track. Please email me at jennifer at thesensoryspectrum dot com Thanks!...more

Need to sell my Early Bird Full Conference Pass - Make me an offer!

Hi folks,I'm going  have to miss this years conference and I need to sell my ticket a.s.a.p.  My daughter is having a baby any day now and I'd hate to lose out.  Make me an offer and I will be glad to work with you!...more
I also will beat any current offer!more

Are Pre-Conference Events (thursday night) Included in Friday pass?

Hi,This is my first year to attend and I bought a Friday only pass, yet I noticed there are Pre-conference events on Thursday, such as the Evening at the Expo, Peoples Party and Share and be Shared. Does anyone know if my Friday pass includes admission to these events, or is there only for the people registered for Thursday? thanks in advance for your replies. Lauren...more

Do you have a Sheraton room to share?

If you already have a Sheraton room (double) you're interested in sharing...let's talk!  An opportunity just opened up for this cash-strapped baby blogger to attend BlogHer '13 (my first), but alas there are no more rooms at the Inn... :-)I'd hate for any of you to trip over me as I sleep on the sidewalk outside of McCormick Place, where we both might get hurt.  (You more than me, since I'd be closer to the ground.)  I am quiet, clean and just looking for a place to crash my head nightly from 07/25 - 07/27....more
We have a double room, our 4th roommate just had to cancel! We are already set up in our room at ...more

Early Bird Full Pass Ticket for Sale - Shoot me an offer!

Yep, add mine to the pool. I know this is really last minute, but if there's anyone who is still considering going or has a friend they want to drag along, here's a chance to get a cheap ticket out of it. Because there are so many others who are selling theirs last minute, too, feel free to shoot me an offer for less than full value, so we both win! ...more
@terri_eatflowsweat With the new layout, not sure if you'll find your way back here. Hopefully ...more

Earlybird pass for sale!

I can't make it to BlogHer :( and I am selling an Earlybird pass ($200) if anyone still needs one. Busy Mom Blog...more

Full Conference Pass for sale $200 even

My daughter is having her baby any day now and I won't be able to go after all.  I have a Full Conference early bird pass that I will gladly sell for $200.  I'll pay the transfer fee.  Please let me know if you are interested....more
@terri_eatflowsweat  Hi Terri,   Thank you.  I'll send you an email now.more

REALLY need to sell my ticket - heavily discounted

Have a full conference ticket and really need to sell it so I don't lose all my money. Make me an offer!

REALLY need to sell my ticket - heavily discounted

Have a full conference ticket and really need to sell it so I don't lose all my money. Make me an offer!

Expo & Party Pass

Musings from Me/Jill@MusingsfromMe I have a sick kid and can't go to BlogHer this year. I need to sell my Expo & Party pass. I paid $152 and then there is the $25 fee to trasnfer the pass to you.

And Another! Full Conference Early Bird Ticket for Sale

Hi!  I too am selling my Full Conference Pass and am looking for another (non-sponsored) blogger that would like to purchase it.I purchased it for $204 last September and am just asking for $229 (ticket price + Blogher's $25 transfer fee).  We can exchange payment through Google Wallet or Pay Pal and my ticket can be yours! :-)  ...more

Another Early Bird Full Conference Ticket for Sale

This seems to be the time before BlogHer when people start to realize they can't make it! I will be too sick to travel this year. Hoping someone else can use my Early Bird ticket. I will pay the transfer fee and re-sell at its original $204 price. Thanks! Tara  [twowishesblog (at) gmail dot com]...more

Available: BlogHer 13 full conf pass + Pathfinder Day ticket (discounted)

Hi, I bought the Full Conference Pass + the Pathfinder: Your Blog as a Business ticket in February. ($407 + $152 = $559). Unfortunately, I now need to be here in Seattle due to a family commitment that is unwavering. If anyone would like to buy the conference pass + Pathfinder Day Pass  at a discount please contact me at  (There is also a $25 ticket transfer fee.)Thank you! Taylor...more
Update: This has been sold! Thank you! Have a wonderful conference!more

Looking for an early bird Expo/Parties Pass!

If you have an early bird or discounted Expo and Parties Pass for BlogHer '13, contact me!
I have an Expo & Party Pass. It was $152 and would be an additional $25 to transfer it to you.more

I Need a Roommate!

My roommate fell through. Do you need a roomie? Condo Blues Green living and money saving tips Lazy Budget Chef Real Food, Real Quick, and for Real Budgets ...more
I couldn't tell from your post, but do you currently have a (double) room at the Sheraton and ...more


Two early bird tickets for sale! We are past the free transfer time but if you are interested please e-mail me at A $25 fee (to be paid to BlogHer) will apply to each ticket. My father (and babysitter for while I was supposed to be away with my husband at BlogHer 2013) learned today that he needs triple bypass surgery tomorrow so I have two early bird tickets available for sale. ...more
I should have written that I will pay the fee for the tickets!more

Student Pass?

Anyone have a student pass they still need to get rid of? I am looking for one! :)...more


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