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I am the founder and primary author of Let's Lasso the Moon. We bring together modern families searching for balance in our chaotic world. We help parents by sharing simple activities that elevate everyday moments into family traditions and memorable adventures.

If forced to summarize myself, I’d have to borrow the words of Albert Einstein:
I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

Kids and Screen-Time: 7 Tips for Teaching a Healthy Family Balance

Technology can be addictive. When my children pick up a device they become completely zoned-out. Do you find yourself arguing with your kids over video games, the tablet or TV? ...more

8 Low Light Photography Tips

Today we are honored to have our affiliate partner Beryl Ayn Young, the creator of the online Momtographie eCourses. Registration is currently open for a FREE 2-week mini-class beginning February 9th! Click here to get all the details and save your spot ....more

5 Family-Friendly Green Party Tips for the Big Game

These green party tips are sponsored by Unilever. ...more

Eight Going on Eighteen: What No One Tells You About Being a Mom

Sippy cups, potty training, preschool … and pampakes. My daughter would ask, “Are we having pampakes for breakfast?” In the chaos of those early childhood moments, I was so engulfed by family that I couldn’t imagine my life being any different than it was at that very moment. Yet, here I am with two pancake […] The post Eight Going on Eighteen: What No One Tells You About Being a Mom appeared first on Lasso the Moon ....more

Super Bowl Dessert: Team Spirit Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Show your team pride and keep the kids entertained at half-time with this super simple Super Bowl dessert. Nom. Nom ....more

6 Tricks to Make You Look More Awake

“You look tired.” Yeah. How is one supposed to properly respond to such a statement? I haven’t slept a full night in the last two-years ....more

New Years Eve Recipes: Appetizers and Drinks for Kids *AND* Parents

New Years Eve is around the corner. Below are a few creative recipes and celebration ideas from Pinterest. There is a little inspiration for kids and parents! ...more

10 Books to Read BEFORE You See the Movie

What I love about reading, or perhaps art in general, is that we all interpret things differently. There is nothing quite like watching someone’s vision of a book on the screen. Below are ten books to read before you see the movie: The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C ....more

30 Mason Jar Recipes: A Month Worth of “Salad in a Jar” Recipes

Thirty days of NO REPEATS. Create a lunch plan with these 30 healthy mason jar recipes. I struggle with eating a healthy lunch ....more

Artistic Portraits of Kids: Tips for New DSLR Moms!

Artistic portraits of kids (who wiggle, move, and make silly faces) can be a challenge. Check out the seven tips below! A quick disclaimer: There are a variety of wonderful DSLR cameras on the market and each comes with unique language ....more