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I'm still looking for a Chicago-bound soap opera blogger, or website owner......

Location Chicago Jackson and State Street Barnes and Noble Book Store United States See map: Google Maps Hi, I'm Cassie Hicks, and I'm looking for a Chicago-bound soap opera blogger, or a soap opera website owner. ...more

Survivor: South Pacific

It's that time again and the cast has been introduced, well most of them since they're trying to keep the two former Survivors who are returning a secret.... Coach and Ozzy, maybe? What do you think about that? ~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate. ...more

Survivor: Redemption Island (Episode 7)

Now it's getting interesting, isn't it? (Even if Boston Rob and Phillip are both in the game and I wish they'd have both gone home long, long ago.) Does it really make sense for them to have sent Sarita home now? Two weeks ago - yes, she's the weakest (physical) link. But now, when they need loyalty as they approach a merge.... it just seems maybe not smart, considering David has never really shown a lot of loyalty....more

Survivor Redemption Island (Episode 6)

Wow, has it really been that long since I've posted about Survivor? That seems odd... I know I was sick but gee! So, yea, We've still got Boston Rob and his boys Grant and Phillip. On the other team, Russell is doing a nice job running the show. I'm getting interested to see what happens when these two tribes merge. Can Russell keep running the show or is the other side going to get rid of him quickly? And how about that Matt on Redemption Island? I'd love to see him rejoin the game and win it all....more

Survivor: Redemption Island (#3)

hahaha I can't help it, I just dislike him so much... It wasn't the smartest move that tribe could have made but I'd have done the same darn thing. Russell had to go. He just had to. Now if they other tribe could get rid of Boston Rob... I thought the Redemption Island challenge was a little boring, but maybe I was just sorry to see Francesca go (though I do like Matt a lot and am looking forward to seeing him beat Russell in the next challenge.) Why are there so many "seats" at the Redemption Island challenge area?...more

That's because nobody has behaved rationally or intelligently at these Tribal Councils. ...more

Survivor: Redemption Island #2

I am not a fan of Boston Rob, to put it mildly - very mildly. But, he might have had the best sound bite of the season. Maybe of the entire life of Survivor, "Let that be a lesson to you -- government jobs are stressful." Bwhahahaha. I don't think the government job is the only thing that's made Phillip a wee bit ummm, yea. You know. What a weird season this is. First Francesca is over on Redemption Island (with a journal, yippeee!) and now Matt....more

Thanks so much Denise. Really how did I not see that?


Survivor: Redemption Island (Episode 1)

I'm not a fan of those "What if" moments, are you? Do you think they're going to do them all season long? Because that's going to get old really, really fast. Heh. Also, Gah! What the heck is up with Phillip? Can the guy get any more annoying? Oh wait, yes he can - and did, at Tribal Council. I was really sorry to see Francesca go. I liked her. I hope she kicks someone's backside on Redemption Island to stay in the game. But, I don't think that's going to happen. She's there by herself, with no shelter to start with - she's going to just end up making R.I....more

American Idol, a Southern Belle and "Yo Yo Dawg"

  So did anyone watch American Idol tonight? Along with the entertainment of the new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler there were a few young contestants that caught my ear. Robbie Rosen, 16, sang Yesterday, with his own arrangement and did a wonderful job. However, the Southern Belle from North Carolina 16 year old Victoria Huggins won my heart when she tried to win Randy's heart. Looking at him with those big beautiful eyes in her natural southern accent she said " Yo Yo Dawg"....more

I love to read reviews too. I'll check out Elisa's blog, didn't even know about it.more

Boston Rob and Russell Meet Redemption Island?

Funny. I'd just been thinking that I hadn't seen any Survivor news and should really go and see what's happening. A couple hours later, as I was listening to a phone conference, I clicked my feedreader. As I started to just mark all of TV Squad as read, because I don't have time to read TV news when I don't even watch TV. And as I clicked... I saw this, Boston Rob and Russell Return for Survivor Redemption Island. Huh. So all new Survivors except for Rob and Russell....more

I understand the point of bringing back people for all-stars type of show. I don't think I ...more

Survivor: Redemption!

Thank goodness some of those jury members redeemed themselves in the end by voting for Jud. I would not have been happy AT ALL if Sash had won and I'd have been less than thrilled if Chase had won. I was thrilled to see Jane win the 100K. I was amused by Jimmy Johnson and by Terry Bradshaw. I wonder what NaOnka's mom REALLY said to her when she got home. Heh. I'm very, very glad that there will be a nice new rule that allows CBS to send quitters all the way home. I cannot decide if I'm looking forward to Redemption Island or not....more

Survivor: Episode 14

I bet some of y'all heard me cursing last night didn't you? Or maybe you were cursing along with me? Because while I did not want Judd to go home and I was glad he won immunity, I really really did not want Jane to go home. Why oh why didn't they split the darn vote, cause a tie, and see what happens? Did Judd and Dan really think they have a chance to win immunity or get taken along for the ride when the other contestants have already said they're next to go?...more

Jeff has tried to guide these idiots a lot more than I think he's ever done before. He literally ...more

Survivor: Episode 13

With time running short, this was one of the more boring episodes (for me). I think I was still feeling the aftershock from last week and I just didn't care much about any of the players this week. Then again, I was annoyed that Sash won immunity and is STILL in this game. I dislike him almost as much as I disliked Brenda. OK more than I disliked Brenda, now that I think about it. Also, Dan. I'm tired of seeing him there doing nothing....more

Survivor.... What the Heck?

Last Wednesday I was really sick so when I stopped working, I headed off to my bed where I moaned and whined about how much my entire body hurt. It wasn't until some time Thursday morning that I remembered Survivor. Dang, the only TV show I watch and I completely forgot about it! TW read the TWoP recap and muttered lots of cryptic things about what had happened but I told her to shush so I could watch it on the CBS website and see for myself. On Friday night (or was it Saturday?...more

Barbara Walters 2010 Most Fascinating People

Barbara Walters has announced eight of her ten most fascinating people of 2010. Well, it's a bit more than eight since she has the entire cast of Jersey Shore as one pick. Here's who she's confirmed will be appearing in her special: Justin Bierber - of course he is. Beibs and Babs, it was meant to happen. ...more

That would make sense. I kind of have a feeling that Oprah is one of the two. ...more

Survivor = Back on Track?

You know I was happy when Marty went home last week. You know I'd have been happier if NaOnka wasn't still around BUT I am very very happy about last night's vote because it was smart. And this group has been a little short on the smart voting, ya know? I love Jane. I liked her in the beginning but the more she sticks around (and kicks the butts of the young guys) the more I like her. I'm afraid for her though... she's so strong and smart and mostly likable....more

Survivor - I'm so confused

I never managed to see last week's Survivor (I was trapped in an airport where the only TV screens were showing CNN for some weird reason) and this week I just don't get it. Why keep Marty? Why keep NaOnka? I agree that you do want Alina gone but right then? At that point? With two idols still in play? Someone needs to shake these people up and fast.... What do you think? ~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate. ...more

Heh, maybe I can lure you into watching along with me... This is the only darn show I watch. ...more

Survivor Week 6: What is Their Strategy?

I don't get it. The young folks had the power and the right plan - try to get Marty to play his idol or send him home. It was a smart plan. So when there was a tie at Tribal, why did all of those who wanted Marty gone vote instead for Kelly B? I don't get it. I feel like I missed something between the first vote and the second. Why leave Marty AND his idol in the game when you've got the numbers to take him out?...more

In the end I think they felt threatened more by Kelly B. and Eve. But still stick to the ...more

Survivor Week 5: The Generation Gap

Well I was glad to see the tribes reshuffled, I don't like that kind of separation on the teams. I'm just sorry Jimmy Johnson wasn't here for the re-shuffle (and no I'll never stop beating that dead horse! Bring back Jimmy Johsnon!) I had really high hopes that we'd see either NaOnka or Marty go home this week. I hate it when my hopes are dashed. Particularly when they're dashed this way....more

Survivor Week 4 (spoilers)

Grrrrr. I'm not Jimmy T fan but I'm so annoyed. They should have kept Jimmy Johnson last week and gotten rid of Jimmy T instead. Grrrr. Grrr. Grrrr. And they should have given Dan the boot - they aren't going to win strength and stamina challenges with the team they've got now. Oh wait, it doesn't matter since next week they drop their buffs. Fine then. Whatever. Grouchy. How do you feel about what happened tonight?...more

I looked, but you've written so many posts with the word "survivor" in them that I came up ...more

Survivor Nicaragua: Week Three

I've forgotten what the previews indicated might happen. I think possibly more blow up on the younger tribe - maybe involving NaOnka? Oh I just went and looked at the preview video. I'm amused by them playing with howler monkeys. Howler monkeys do not necessarily indicate fruit, folks. (I lived for four years in Panama....more

Oh NaOnka. I'm all for playing the game and making sure you get the idol clue but do you really ...more


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