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Hello everyone

I'm happy to join this group. Hope to get to know everybody as time goes on. Thank you....more
Just joining today and so excited to get into the world of blogging and make the acquaintance of ...more

Great to Meet Everyone!

Hello to all! I am a single mother with 4 kids, ranging in ages from 6 to 15, and I work more than full-time right now trying to start up a company with my sister, as an internet marketing consultant, and as a website designer (though somehow I'm not earning any money yet, LOL).  I'm hoping to make some great connections here, learn some new stuff, and have fun.  Thanks!Sandrawww.DailyOrg.comOrganization for Life...more
Thanks Shannon!  It's busy but fun!more

Is anyone video blogging?

Hey Everybody, I'm new to this group. I've been blogging before it was invented. Am now totally obsessed with video. Is anyone video blogging - vlogging? PEACE.Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity ExpertAtlanta GA
 @Denise Hi Denise, Thanks for the quick response. I was surprised when I didn't find anyone. ...more

Encouraging community interactions/sharing on your blog

Hi everyone,I am exploring how storytelling & sharing tools can help strengthen connections between members of online communities.  I've posted a very quick (4 question) survey here: you have a few minutes of time, I would really appreciate your thoughts & feedback!!Or, I'd love to hear from you via email ( you in advance for your time!

Saturday Suggestions

Link your post / blog / page at Saturday Suggestions:  Here        ~MonaMore MilestonesTwitter   ...more

I'm new to blogHer and have loved getting to know everyone on this online community. I would ...more

Without the Internet

Like many Americans, we are going through some tough times.  Because of that we will be losing our Internet access. I'm setting up scheduled posts so please continue to read and enjoy my blog.       ~Mona More Milestones ...more

Sorry to hear that Mona, hopefully soon you'll be able to get your internet back. In the ...more

Link Your 1st Blog Post

I started to write at the suggestion of my ICU nurse. There I was in my midforties unable to ...more

A Little Overwhelmed

Hi,I'm new to blogging, not very tech savvy, and am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the techy stuff and terms  I'm seeing, like HTML, RSS.  What is a blockquote and an anchor?  Etc.  Is there a place I can go to learn about all of this?Thanks for any help.Jessica


Jessica Anne


What confuses you about PPC?

I'm trying to get content out there for people who are confused about PPC, have general inquiries or simply just don't know why its beneficial.  So as folks who seek promotion, what sort of content would you most benenfit from?  As of now I'm simply twittering/facebooking for people to ask me questions and they will get a reply email.  But I'm switching it up a bit to help others as well!  I'm going to start to use that contect/questions and post it in blog format. So then not only is it searchable but out there for everyone to read. ...more

How do you get your blog noticed?

Obviously we all use the BlogHer network to get our blogs out there and to connect with other blogging women, its what it was created for. But as I write my quirky, emotional, or odd little posts every morning I find myself longing for more.  I want people to recognize me from my blog, truth be told I'd love for the blog to turn into my only job and allow me to turn it from a working mommy content into a stay at home mommy content, but thats another post in itself.  So I'm looking for feedback and answers, how do you make your blog noticed?  ...more

I'm so grateful for the feedback ladies. I've changed the background and hope that its more ...more

Link help

Hi, I need advice on how to interest people in linking to my site. I'm trying to raise my page rank so I can qualify for product review opportunities. I'm happy to link back to anyone else who would link to me. How does one do this?Thanks so much! My site is if anyone would like to take a look....more

Help for a newbie re: photos and links

I'm new at blogging and have a few questions if someone can help me. If I want to post some pictures of, let's say, cupcakes that I found off the web, how do I give credit where credit is due?  If the picture is from someone else's blog, should I contact that person first and ask permission?  And if they say yes, how do I give that person credit in my blog? What if the picture is from a magazine?  Can I just post that picture without their permission?  If yes, how do I give credit to that magazine? ...more

Here's a link to a post one of our Contributing Editors wrote about using photos in your ...more

Does blogging help with stress?

What is it about the blogs you love, that makes you love them?

So just started a blog and trying to find my voice. I have looked and been inspired at so many other blogs I feel a mad rush of other peoples voices in my head and need to calm and be still and find my own. My question is: What is it about the blogs you love, that makes you love them? and if you are a kind soul - have a look at my just starting out blog have a browse and kindly leave a comment - I will return the favour ...more

I love blogs for 2 reasons.

1. What make me want to read
A clean landing page
Easy to ...more

31 Day Challenge??

Does anyone know if there's an abridged version of the book somewhere on the ProBlogger website??  Or does anyone have the book andf wouldn't mind posting a quick description of each day's task??  I don't have the book, I know I found the elevator pitch task somewhere on the site, but I can't find it again & I don't remember if it was all 31 days anyway......Please & thank you! ...more

Blogging on blogher

This might not be the right place to ask but I'm having trouble formatting my first blogher blog post.  No matter what I do, there seems to be an extra space between paragraphs.  Anyone have any advice how to get rid of this?? Thanks! Maryann   ...more

Thanks for the help!


How to Write with a Knife

I can't decide if I love or hate Copyblogger's piece about Editing for Tighter Copy. I guess I love it, I just hate editing. I sometimes long for the days when I could just type stream of consciousness blog posts, send them out there, and not worry about the "copy". Oh wait. I still do that. On Twitter. In some forum posts. In some comments. And, even on my own poor, tired blog. I just don't do it nearly as often as I used to. How do you tighten up your writing? Or do you? ~Denise ...more

I'm fairly new to blogging and writing in public.  I'm also new to Blogher.  So far ...more

Creative Blogger Call:

Looking for Creative Bloggers! ...more

Online community Survey

Hello everybody,I have just created an online survey on the "Attractiveness of online communities - a user’s perspective" ...more

I would like to give you a first tease of the results of the survey … however I do not want ...more

Help---new-ish to Blogging!

Hello! So, I've been blogging off and on for awhile, and am hoping to really start growing my blog.  I'm not a mommy, so I'm not a mommyblogger; however, I'm still looking for marketing opportunities, the opportunities to do reviews, and even monetizing my blog.  I'm also looking for new freelance opportunities.  Yes, I'm new, but I'm serious and I don't think I'm too bad :) Tips, tricks, opportunities you're aware of that you'd like to share?   Thank you!   Amy Just A Titch ...more


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