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Trying to figure things out...looking for some help

Hi - I am new. My page says I joined in 2010, but I have no memory of it (oops!), so I am just now doing my profile, submitting my blog, etc. I have a few questions. I hope someone can help me - I didn't see any other place to find answers. The "tour" was not a lot help... :-(Will my blog automatically show up on my profile when it is accepted?How does active membership benefit my blog?What is the best way to get started here - finding groups, friends, etc.?Most importantly, how do I set up the social media section? (that second part that asks for feed, etc.)...more
Darn it, that Tour link needs to come down. It's old and outdated. I'll work on that next week. ...more

How do I get a photo in my short preview?

Hi.  I'm very new to blogher and I have a quick question about creating new posts.  I've added two posts so far and I'm unsure as to how to get a photo to display in my post preview.  Any help would be great.  Thanks in advance. :) ...more
The image in the teaser area only applies to blog posts that have been selected as home page ...more

How do I get ad links?

hello,I am unable to find my ad links.I have already gone to my profile but there is no tab "my publishing network".Is there a reason for that? I have already email BlogHer regarding this, but any advice would be helpful....more
Only those who have been invited to join the BlogHer Publishing Network can add links to their ...more

Error Message After Creating a Post

Hi,I created a post about an hour ago. After saving, however, I saw that some extra 1's were to the right of each numbered item within my article. I clicked on "edit" to try to remove them (they are not in my original word document. they appeared after I clicked "save" on BlogHer). I tried unsuccessfully several times to edit them out, I even cut and paste the document again into the BlogHer form. Then I got error messages saying that my post is denied because I submitted the same document multiple times. I dont think that's what I did at all. I was editing my document....more
"extra numbers" sounds like an issue related to using bulleted or numbered lists. I'd avoid ...more

Buying your own domain

I recently tried to buy my own domain through blogger (I know), which registered my blog name through e-nom. I have never been able to access it, always getting the message that someone else owned my domain even though I received a receipt for my purchase. After an e-mail to both and a help center ticket with no response I've sent another e-mail hoping they will refund my money, but it doesn't look likely as per their all domain sales are final line....more
I used Go Daddy to buy the domain for my Blogger blog. Just recently when I decided to get going ...more

How to add link to blogpost on a BlogHer post

I'm new to BlogHer and I just tried to create my first post, and I think I blew it.  I wanted to link to a post I wrote yesterday for my own blog.  Is there a way to add the link to the original post when posting on BlogHer or does it work differently?  Any help would be greatly appreciated! ...more
@mywisemom  No. You can't auto cross post into the editorial well of (You can use ...more

Some Great Blog Hops To Join

My favourite time to Blog Hop is the weekend, because that is when I have the most time for it. And this week I have shared links to my five fave Blog Hops over at:Some Great Blog Hops To Join.So if anyone feels like Blog Hopping this weekend, feel free to stop by and check them out.Have a great weekend! :)//Alexandra...more
This is so helpful!  Thanks!more

How can I take better photos for my blog?

Would appreciate some advice - I try to use an iphone to take good photos for my blog articles (when a product photo is not suitable.)  Many of the iphone shots I try to use look awful!  It's not that they aren't focused, it's just that they are boring or look amateurish.  For example, I recently tried to get a good photo of a 'turkey hot shot' dish for my last article, and it didn't look appealing at all.  I sually then end up going to istock for good photos.  Any suggestions for taking really appealing shots?  Thanks....more
@LivingInnov  @thebabychef Sometimes you can also rent cameras from camera stores. It is not a ...more

Your advice for a blog editor

I have this idea, but I need some advice on how to do it....more
Hey there!  I'm a social media manager, SEO geek, and grammar freak.  People are definitely ...more

Give me your best advice as a New Blogger at BlogHer!

Hello,My name is Jennifer, I am new to BlogHer, but was excited that after one day I was picked to be a featured article in the sports section about my experiences as a football mom. I would love to get more following, and enguage in more discussion on my blog postings. I am just wondering what your best advice is, or any common mistakes new users make. Any and all feedback would be so helpful. Thanks!...more
Congratulations on your quick success!  I am glad to know I am not the only one seeking the same ...more

How do I get to ad code page?

This may sound stupid but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get to the page where the different ad codes are so I can ad some to my page. Thanks....more
Took me quite some time to even find this information. There has to be an easier way to find the ...more

New here

Hi I'm new here. Can't wait to get to meet everyone and learn my way around. I'm a mother of 6, a fitness expert and an author. So my life is CRAZY...!  I love all things outdoors... last year I started jogging in combat boots when my son left for the Marines. My boots have since taken on a life of their own. In the new year I'm going to be doing video content that can be shared along  some full lenght exercise videos. See you around!Amy...more
Welcome, it's nice to meet you.more

Hi...I'm new here

Hi!  I just signed up for BlogHer.  I have signed up, submitted my request to be listed in the blog directory, and am now trying to find information on how to crosspost from my blog.  I cannot find any specific information anywhere! Expertise help needed!  Thanks!...more
so,  crossposting just means publishing the exact same post that I put on my personal blog, not ...more

Great to Meet Everyone!

Hello to all! I am a single mother with 4 kids, ranging in ages from 6 to 15, and I work more than full-time right now trying to start up a company with my sister, as an internet marketing consultant, and as a website designer (though somehow I'm not earning any money yet, LOL).  I'm hoping to make some great connections here, learn some new stuff, and have fun.  Thanks!Sandrawww.DailyOrg.comOrganization for Life...more
Thanks Shannon!  It's busy but fun!more

Hi There

My name is Samara, and I am new to BlogHer.  I am just trying to figure this network out.  I look forward to making some new friends and connections, and I hope you decide to check out my blog!...more

Find Out How To Check If Your Photos Have Been Pinned On Pinterest

Hi there,I recently found out how to check if any photos from my websites had been pinned on Pinterest. And it is so easy to find out! Simply copy the following line into your browser address bar: replace (my personal blog) with whatever URL you want to check. You should now see all photos that have been pinned on Pinterest from that URL. Piece of cake....more

How do you remove a blog posting?

Hi! I am wondering how you can remove a blog posting after it has been posted.  Is there a way to archive it  or delete it?  I don't see a key or anything.ThanksAnne...more
bitsalife Hi, I've deleted your post - it might take a moment to cache out, but it's gone :)more

The Title to My Blog Changed. How?

Hi! I am new to the site.  I put on two blogs.  They were up for two days.  The title got changed on one of them and a picture was added. How and why did that happen?  Also, do most people post to groups, or just to the whole site?ThanksAnne...more
 @sassymonkey  I just got one!  Thank you so much!  That is pretty exciting.  I thought my son ...more

Add Blog To My Blog Hop - No Rules! Welcome. :-)

Hi there,I am having a No Rules Weekend Blog Hop over at my blog. So feel free to join in at --> A Thank You And Weekend Blog Hop Post.Happy Weekend Everyone! :-)Kind Regards,Alexandra...more

Dress code?

So much to think about as my first Blog Her conference approaches. During a business meeting this morning, I found my mind wandering. Do I wear heels and a skirt? Flats and capris? Carry my laptop in my messanger bag or use my laptop bag with wheels? Funny how my mind works sometimes!Any tips?I look forward to meeting you all.Debbie ...more
I kinda feel as I guy I should Dress up ... but then again. I don't want to upset people. What ...more


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