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BlogOutreach: Which Mom Sites Like to Review Apps?

I'm doing a guerilla marketing outreach for Sleeping WIth the Laundry. I'm asking mom bloggers to review my app. Which mom sites would you recommend who like to review apps.   Best, Margee Moore Blogger at and author of the iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track.  A five star star rated a...more
Did you receive any feedback on your request? I am curious too.. more

First Baby Due... Lifestyle About to Change!

Yes, first baby is due next week and I recently have been thinking and blogging a lot about what it means to NOT feel totally overwhelmed and remain healthy.  I love my career and I already love this unborn baby that will soon arrive.  How do other woman follow their career dreams and also give their best to their children? ...more

Market Like a Mother: Share Your App Marketing Ideas

Hello!   I'm so excited that my app Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track is out on the apple store. But with over 185,000 apps out there, sales are slow. So what's a mom to do. Do you all have any marketing ideas. I'm going to make postcards for the next big mom conference and hand them out. Car sign is another idea.    Do you all have any additional ideas.   Best, MoxieMom...more

I just shared it on my Facebook page so maybe that will help out a little :) ...more

What inspires you?

Hey BlogHer readers, I recently ventured over to the community section of this website (i'm kinda newish here) and loved the idea of this group! Sadly, it seems like it's been quiet for awhile. In efforts to get some more life-affirming, positivity-sharing discussion going, thought I would start a thread (hope that's okay?). Here goes: Q. What inspired you this week? ...more

I was at the table with my family and extended family.

Looking around at each of us, ...more

New member/new blogger

So thrilled to find this group and looking forward to being a part of it!  I have been blogging for several months but privately (is that really blogging- if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it did it really make a sound? kind of thing)  I blog in order to journal my thoughts, feelings, and memories.  It is all about me.  Ok, not like that, I just feel good getting it all down, not necessarily who is reading it.  Maybe that will change for me but for right now I am enjoying the comunity of blogging. ...more

I am 100% in the same position... "closet blogger". At least for right now until I feel more ...more

A gift of the unique self

Make the most of ones self, and seriously share that self with the other ....As that is all there is that really matters essentially....more

This is it, so let's eat trifle!

So this is my last day here at The Juice and after reading Crabby's hilarious quiz on Six Surprising Things She Learned While Blogging at The Juice This Summer, I thought there is just no way in heck I'm going to be able to top that.  So I'm not even going to try.  BUT I did think a little celebration party was in order and what better way to celebrate than with food.  I don't know about you but I'm always looking for an excuse to eat dessert and this Strawberry Banana Trifle recipe is absolutel...more

Thanks Crabby!!  Same goes to you :)


So Long!

It’s been great fun doing forum posts at the Juice these past few months, and I learned some fascinating things!  And not just about Officially Sanctioned Juice topics like clothes-swapping and breakfast.Hey, I know—l let’s make a quiz out of it, shall we?  See if you can spot the correct answers to Six Surprising Things I Learned Blogging at the Juice This Summer:1. When she’s not onscreen interviewing bloggers for Juice videos, Jory des Jardins:...more

I had such a great time working with you too, and learned so much from your posts and your ...more

Laugh yourself silly

I LOVED this week's Juice video about healing with humor.  It is chock full of tips to help you bring out the laughter in your day.  Jory interviews Terri Tate, an inspirational woman who beat many odds in her life and dealt with them head on with humor.  Some of Terri's tips include surrounding yourself with humor by hanging out with funny people, acting more like a kid and changing your perspective on things....more

I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to get goofy!

We just spent the last 20 minute ...more

Blogger Tips: Healing with Humor

Big thanks this time around to: Duong Sheahan of, Supa Dupa Fresh from, Mrs4444 of, Marcy Massura from, Allison Czarnecki of, Casey Mullins from and Anita Doberman! ...more

Laughter and Health

Have you noticed that in life, there’s usually a trade-off between what’s good for you, and what’s fun?  Push-ups and steamed vegetables and regular pap smears:  all very good for you, but not much fun.  Hot fudge sundaes and margaritas and charging up your credit cards on a shopping spree?  Fun! But not all that good for you.  However, a few rare activities, like playing with puppies or hiking a beautiful ocean-bluff trail, are both enjoyable and healthy.  And the most basic of these healthy pleasures? It’s laughter....more

NOW PLAYING: Healing with Humor

I was traveling abroad this week on business and sick of flying. On the last, 11-hour, leg of my flight home from Germany to San Francisco, I was just ready to be home. About three hours into the flight a calm voice came over the PA: “We have a sick passenger and will be making the next stop available.” I thought to myself, “Next stop? We’re flying over the Atlantic! The voice continued, “We’ll be stopping off in Iceland.” ...more

Terri is SO inspiring!  And I love the tips for bringing more laughter into our lives.


Kind acts and karma

Action that is willed with Goodness and without desire for outcomes however subtly, by one who performs it will always produce a future "ripening" and ultimately a "fruit" of similar moral quality,In the human sphere karma operates in an ethical manner. An ethical and loved filled action will produce a come-back of like kind in this life or even future rebirth;  Self  willed free undertakens will create it's own love filled magic. ...more

Give More… to Fight Cancer

During this week’s theme of “give more, get more,” I couldn’t help noticing that lots of blogher bloggers are all about helping others and supporting deserving charities and causes.  As it happens, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month--even President Obama  says so).  But it’s not just breast cancer that needs to be eradicated.  It’s all cancer....more

Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

On Tuesday I blogged about some yummy homemade yet easy treats you can make to bring to friends and neighbors as part of "give more, get more" week here on The Juice.  Today I want to talk further about random acts of kindness and how to get your kids involved. ...more

I wish my parents had asked that every day that when we were growing up!  In fact, even ...more

Sainthood, Martyrdom and Gratitude: How Not to Screw Up Being Generous

In keeping with this week’s theme of “give more, get more,” I mentioned in a recent forum post how much I admired the Mother Teresa’s of the world—those super-generous folks who spend their lives thinking only of others.  But there’s another kind of person who spends a lot of time thinking about generosity, too… in an entirely different way.  Some people, in the quest for Sainthood, actually end up being Professional Martyrs....more

Especially if the gift is retrieved cheerfully and put to good use!   I've wanted ...more

Homemade treats make wonderful gifts anytime of the year!

This week the Juice discussion is about giving more and getting more out of relationships.  I watched the video with Christine Koh from Boston Mamas and she had some great tips for how to reach out to others including practicing random acts of kindness and making homemade gifts for friends.  As a mom to three, I wanted to be able to incorporate both of these activities into meaningful lessons for my kids on a regular basis.  That's when we came up with the idea of cookie ...more

I've never thought of making cupcakes to give away.  That's a wonderful idea!


Blogger Tips: Give More, Get More

For this week's round-up of blogger tips from BlogHer '09, we asked bloggers to share with us their ways that they give back to their communities, and how they see that good returned to them. Big thanks to: ...more

Win a Digital Camera from The Juice!

UPDATE: October 11, 2009 -This promotion has now ended. A winner will be selected shortly. For more great offers from Trop 50 and The Juice, check out the group home page. ...more

I give of myself to my family, more than I ever imagined I could. Homebirth, breastfeeding, ...more

Giving More: You Gotta Start Somewhere

You know those people who spend almost their entire waking hours dedicated to helping others?  You may be one of them yourself, or you may, like me, simply watch them in awe and admiration.  They are modern-day saints: they toil away in war-torn foreign countries under unimaginably difficult conditions, or perhaps they spend 18 hours a day keeping a local battered women’s shelter afloat, donating every spare cent they have to charity....more

I'll write more tomorrow about one of the ways we let friends and neighbors know we are ...more


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