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Generation X: We're Here and We've Reached 40!

I'm new to BlogHer.  As a young-at-heart 50 year-old Generation X-er, I wanted to start a community for the older women of Generation X.  We're reached middle-age (how did that happen)?  Our POV and Voice is different than the Boomers.To get this community & conversation started, here are some recent articles about Gen X:...more
I don't identify with the Boomers (I'm on the cusp--born in 1962). I love Pearl Jam, President ...more

Make sure to vote!

Earlier this year Rush Limbaugh called a young woman a "slut" because she used birth control. The Republican candidates for President and Vice-President have said that they would outlaw aboriton. Todd Akin made his very famous comment about "legitimate rape", and even though the economy is still in recovery, all the Republican members of congress seem to have any interest in is banning abortion/contraceptives and pulling funding from Planned Parenthood. As a woman I cannot stand for this beahvior. What I do with my own body is MY decision and NOT the governments!...more

Taking Action for Women's Rights

Hi group!  I just wanted to introduce myself and start a new discussion, since its been over a year since the last one....more

New to the site!

I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Jess, a 24-year-old Austinite and art director.I love cooking, creating, and being with my husband and two dogs.I look forward to getting to know you all, and being a part of the community!...more

Hello everyone. Since I am new here I also want to introduce my self. I am miss Lego, 27 years ...more

Feminism Mini-Challenge?

I just created a little mini reading challenge in the BlogHer Book Club Group: Feminism Mini-Challenge. I've posted all of the books my 20 year old daughter has been assigned to read, for two feminism classes. I thought it would be fun to read (or re-read) along with her... Interested? ~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate. ...more

Im a serial book buyer, without getting around to reading them.

I wont join this challenge, ...more

Do girls need female super heroes?

Another great question, with commentary, from Colleen at Chasing Ray: Are girls missing out on something by not having a kick butt heroine to look up to? Is it all just testosterone for boys, and girls don't need it? Should we find our heroes elsewhere? Am I wrong to pine for a world where girls can have a superhero birthday party with only female characters and everyone knows their names? ~~Denise Flamingo House Happenings ...more

Who is your female hero?

I posted this in other forums as well, and perhaps the question has been asked before but I think it is so important and I would really like to know everyone's answers. I pose my question because the fact of the matter is in today's society it seems like there are not that many truly great female role models. Or at least you certainly have to search hard. Media bombards us with female icons like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and I question whether these are the women that inspire us or our daughters/neices/grandchildren to become something great. ...more

I'd have to say that my hero is my grandma. I lived with my grandparents from the age of 5 to 18 ...more

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Update 8/11/9: Eunice Kennedy Shriver has died. Here's a statement from the Timothy Shriver, her son and Chairman and CEO of the Special Olympics. ...more

She's done some amazing work over the years and we always say things like "her legacy lives on" ...more

Obama's "mom jeans" - oy


He looked great in those jeans. Poised, fit and confident!
What more can we ask from our ...more


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