Virtual Attendees--Do We Have Some Chatters In The House?

As BlogHer 06 kicks off, it seems fitting to post a link to This article from the Pittsburgh Tribune that discusses how blogs have helped some women find their own voices online.

My voice will be missing from the conference this year, as health issues -- namely FEMALE health issues -- are keeping me sidelined until the doctor decides when I can't put off the hysterectomy any longer. Ahh, it stinks to miss the one conference I've been longing for so that I could meet so many cool people for the first time, and it is more than a little ironic that a women's health issue is what's kept me from getting to the online women's event of the year.

So as not to be completely useless to our wonderful BlogHer leaders, I've talked with my American Idol, Lisa Stone, and have decided to summon the virtual troops into an IRC chat on Saturday. Heck, maybe we should set up a conference call while we're at it. Perhaps by willpower alone, those of us at home, near and far, can teleport ourselves.

Just thinking out loud.

The link to the chat will go up on the BlogHer homepage as soon as the provider of the service gives Lisa the go-ahead. So stay tuned to the BlogHer Homepage and keep a lookout for the IRC Chat link.

If you're checking in from the conference, WE NEED YOU. Attending some Saturday sessions? Bringing your laptop? Please stop into the IRC Chat and help keep us in the loop with what's happening in your session.

Are you liveblogging the event? If so, leave a comment with a link to your live blogging posts, and we'll follow along with you.

This post isn't the usual business, communication, PR or marketing meanderings. That's because this is one special weekend. I'm so proud to be a part of it, even from afar. I miss ALL of you, but look forward to seeing you on the Chat on Saturday.

So far Marianne Richmond, Morra Aarons and I will be on the IRC Chat at various times through the day Saturday.

How about you?

Let us know. And I will keep you posted over on my blog as well as soon as I get details on who will be chatting and how we link in to the chat.

Now, Go Get Em, BlogHers!


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