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Roles and Strengths

What is your role in your blended family? What is your strength within that role? My role is wife and stepmother (though I rarely define her as my stepdaughter). My strength is that I absolutely love that little girl with everything in me. Her and I clicked from day one. ...more

Is this group still active?

Hello all, The name of this groups seems perfect for me, but I don't see any recent posts in it. Is this group still active? I have 3 teenage boys at home right now too :-) Chrissy...more

The Blended Family Thanksgiving

Yesterday, I was reading Lisen's post about her mother's Thanksgiving and trying to remember what my mother's Thanksgiving was like. (In the last 30 years, I've probably spent less than five years with her for the holiday.) Scrolling back through my memory I got stuck on how Thanksgiving changed when TW and I and all of our kids blended together. ...more

Thank you for sharing. Here come the holidays again! Next ...more

Not a REAL mommy...says step-son

My 4 year old step-son, who I have been raising since he was a baby, told me that other day that I am not a real mommy. This broke my heart. My response...I may not have given birth to you but I am still a real mommy. Am I wrong? How do I handle this? ...more
It should be a phase that has passed I hope. Since your post here is so old, could you give an ...more

How do you handle Mother's Day?

My kids have a lot of mothers. So many that it is impossible for them to make enough Mother's Day gifts at school for all of their mothers. Heh. I've worked very hard to make sure the little kids knew that I would not have my feelings hurt when I wasn't given a Mother's Day gift. I know they love me, and they do NOT need the extra pressure that comes to them during this holiday. A mom. A step-mother. Me. That's a lot of mom. ;-) Denise ...more

Thank you...although I think he realized his mistake almost immediately and said "i'm ...more

My blended family confession (or one of them)

I birthed three children. TW birthed three children. That means we have six children. And no, we are not a modern day Brady Bunch. I don't really know why it bothers me when people say this, but it does. I liked The Brady Bunch when I was a kid. It shouldn't bug me when people say this, but it does. It really really bugs me. ...more

Plus one. Plus a dog.

Birthed 3, acquired 4 more.  I am fine with being call the Brady ...more

Hands In...On Three...One...Two...Three...

We can do it!!! ...more

We have been in a "war" over custody for quite some time. My stepson (Austin) is 13 ...more


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