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Join our Casue to Stomp out Stigma of Mental Illness~ Kids Matter

read the latest post and hope you will join the cause and subscribe to my blog. Mental Illness is not Contagious, it isNOT a choice. Knowledge is Power   Kim Hix, mom to 2 human kids and 4 of the 4 legged kind. Great hubby of 18 years. Busy promoting and getting sons business Good Boy Roy running . Avid exercise enthusist, running, weight lifting, CrossFit !!! Mental Health Advocate.(...more

Adding blog, MEntal illness in children, family, starting a new business

My blog is on the Good Boy Roy web site, a spin off of our new biz, a new line of fun shirts all drawn and created by my 16 y.o. son. He has struggled with mental illness his entire life, yet continues to endure and hold hope for a better tomorrow and follow his dream of sharing his fun characters with the world. We hope you follow us and enjoy seeing the eveolving life of our family and attempt to help bring Zack's dream s come true....more

Hello, Introduction

My name is Kim Hix. I just started a blog a few months ago and still trying to get the hang of Word Press. I am posting on our experiences in trying to get a new business started, with a twist. The business is one created due to my 15 ye.o. sons love of drawing and cartooning. We are putting his fun characters on t-shirts for kids and adults. His site is I am also blogging about our journey with this same son, who was born and has suffered and struggled with severe mental health challenges....more

Hi! I am new here and my blog just went from being a private to public. These sites are ...more

Publishing opportunity

I'm editing an anthology of essays written by parents of kids who are "easy to love, but hard to parent"; kids with ADHD, its common comorbid conditions,and other types of neuroversity. The deadline for contributing has passed (actually, 2 deadlines have passed!)but, if you are interested in submitting an essay for consideration let me know via email!...more

How do you respond to RAGE?

Every now and then I congratulate myself for not hurting Natalie, my child with ADHD. What am I saying? This starkly honest post on my ADHD parenting blog is garnering a lot of comments.  I'd like to hear (read) yours!...more

Special Needs Group Blog

Looking for a few more contributors for a group blog dedicated solely to special needs.Please email or message me for more info. Thanks. ...more

Nonpaid contributors.
Looking for folks that could contribute twice a month.more

Special Needs Moms At Blogher '10 in NYC?

Will any Special Needs Moms be at Blogher '10?  I am new to Blogher and have never been to a conference and am wondering if I should try and start saving to ...more

Therapeutic Parenting video series

Just FYI - in the spirit of making special needs parenting resources more accessible (and FREE!), I have started a video series on therapeutic parenting:

Visual Therapy and Behavioral Problems


I know I've already told you this, but thank you again for sharing about your ...more

How do you make time for yourself?

Parenting any special need takes its toll.I think I have slowly gone through every stage.  For a time, I tried to be Super Woman.  Eventually that led me to the title of Crash and Burn Mom.  Then there were those several months of being Pity Party Patty (any reference to Patty's living or dead is purely coincidental)....more

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - EMDR and Neurofeedback

One of our kids still struggles with his past truamas, and is the poster child for PTSD.  We are setting aside time here at home to start addressing this more deliberately, but will need to add therapy.  He has graduated Attachment Therapy, so will not have to have someone with that specific training. I'm hearing lots of positive feedback on EMDR, but would love to hear more of your experiences.  Neurofeedback is another area in which I am interested, but it seems the research and information isn't just as readily available....more

Do you blog about your special needs parenting issues?

There are so many of us out there with so many varying degrees of issues we are parenting.  Please post your blog name, blog address and specific challenges you discuss so we can better connect with one another!I'll start.  My name is Christine.  I have five children and blog at  In our home we have a giant conglomeration of Tourettes, OCD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, General Tics, Food Allergies and PTSD.  Seems that the longer we live together, the more we discover or throw by the way-side. Okay - who's next?...more
starting up a Wednesday Special Needs/Disability Blog Hop - with optional prompt, optional ...more

do your schools offer after school tutoring

my school district does.  My 7 yr old will be going for tutoring, and my 11 yr old already does.  I have been lucky to just start working really, ....I hadn't worked full time for about 10 yrs.  I hope this helps the girls.  I feel they are trying their least my oldest.  I am going to be doing some work with them this weekend.  They boh have bad colds this weekend.   carole...more

Some school districts are also doing some tutoring before school.  Of course, you have ...more

The Child King?

I received a media pitch last night that looked interesting, so I saved it to check out this morning. I was skeptical, I get a lot of not so great pitches. But, I'm very glad that I dug into this one. ...more

I have it and love it. It is a very organic movie, put out by the actors ...more

Just joined group

Hello to all, Just joined this group. I have 6 kids, ages 18-17-13-4-4-2, My 4 year old twins have adhd, I would say severe adhd (probably cause there is two of em). Life is crazy with the two of them, to say the least. They just seem to overshadow everyone and everything, I feel like my whole life sometimes is devoted to only them, keeping them out of trouble and focused. What techniques do any of you use to get your adhd kids to settle, Just settle for a few??...more

We see the greatest amount of help in that particular area through diet and sleep.  I am ...more

Mom to above the elbow amputee.

Hello everyone, I just joined the Blogher community and wanted to introduce myself.  I live in Mississauga, ON and I am the mom of two wonderful boys.  My first son, Phoenix, who is turning 2 next month, was born missing his right arm above the elbow.  He is a great little guy and I feel privileged to be his mom.  Phoenix never crawled and he has difficulty doing certain things.  He needs extra supervision as he has balance issues.  He has a passive prosthetic arm (not very useful), but he is not able to wear it all the time, especially if the weather is too hot and humid. ...more

Can I ask a question about the prosthetic? It's something I've always wondered about but never ...more

Social Skills Group in MA

Hi Everyone: I am determined to start a social skills group in my area...  I have a (just turned) 15 year old son, Nick, who has high functioning autism. I would like to find other moms who have a son/daughter (hey, we're not sexist!!) around the same age group (11 +) who also has high functioning autism or asperger's... I live in Plymouth, MA, grew up in Norwell, MA and know the south shore of Massachusetts extremely well.... ...more

Share resources

Hi other special needs moms, I am the mom of two kids who have autism and currently have a website and blog where I share my experiences raising my kids (they are teens now)  and also offer and share resources and promote kid-friendly products and services as well.... I'm at and looking forward to getting to know you!!  Holly ...more

son with brain damage!

my son Dante is 5 years old found out he had brain damage right before his 1st birthday! it has been a really hard time these past few years. you can not tell anything is wrong with him just by looking at him. he looks like a mormal 5 year old, so people ask him questions and he cant talk so people look at him funny. he is very clingy and still wears diappers, I still feed him and change his clothes, all in which he cant do himself. i now have a 6 month old who does nothing but cry so my days are non stop.. ...more

I haven't been 'around' for quite some time, don't know if you are here anymore, but if you ...more


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