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Saturday Suggestions

Link your post / blog / page at Saturday Suggestions:  Here        ~MonaMore MilestonesTwitter   ...more

I'm new to blogHer and have loved getting to know everyone on this online community. I would ...more

Will Anyone Be Watching...

The Survivor Finale?  I can't wait.  The only one I really like is Matt but I hope Russell wins the online poll.        ~MonaMore MilestonesTwitter   ...more

We didn't have a chance to watch it last night -- I'm hoping we get to see it today.

I like ...more

100 Reasons You Love Yourself Challenge

Hi Everyone I am a bit excited about today's post on my blog.  Take a look for yourself 100 Reasons You Love Yourself Challenge. I love the fact that this exercise is so uplifting and positive.  Years ago, I would have dreaded writing up such a list.  But not any longer.  I am actually looking forward to it! I hope you decide to join me in this challenge and I look forward to seeing your feedback on the...more
Count me in :)more

Without the Internet

Like many Americans, we are going through some tough times.  Because of that we will be losing our Internet access. I'm setting up scheduled posts so please continue to read and enjoy my blog.       ~Mona More Milestones ...more

Sorry to hear that Mona, hopefully soon you'll be able to get your internet back. In the ...more

Link Your 1st Blog Post

I started to write at the suggestion of my ICU nurse. There I was in my midforties unable to ...more

Do Co-Workers Read Your Blog?

Hi All,First let me tell you, I'm not a teacher but I am an office aide at an elementary.  I just had to get that out there.  It'd feel weird if I didn't.Anyway, do your co-workers read your blog?  Besides two teachers, no one at school even knows I have a blog.  I just don't want anything I write to come back to bite me in the ass.  I don't even give the names of my family....more

My parents actually made a comment about something I wrote - that they didn't like. ...more


I had two choices when I first stepped onto the glimmering hardwood floor. I could be timid, unsure, and probably a bit intimidated, or I could stop thinking those thoughts and give it my all. I wanted to dance so much that I was sure I would not hold back. I knew life would be different, once I let myself do what I wanted. It took courage, but I was determined to do something different with my life, to take a risk. ...more

I loved your post! I don't think there is alot of encouragement for ladies over 50 to get out ...more

Calling Sister Bloghers to help me towards my goals

Hi Ladies, I'm Sharni from Australia! New to Blogher and blogging.Thanks for having me in your group. I am currently working towards 10 goals via my blog Chronicles of Sharnia - one of the ways I am hoping to get closer to my goals is to write about them there and have people join me and/or people who have already achieved my goals I would LOVE to talk to.I am actually wanting to interview bloghers that have achieved any of the following-Optimum  level of health and fitness - Published Author - Fashion Stylists...more

Personal Development?

Hi... I'm Michelle from DietNewbie. I just joined this group recently. Saying "Hello" to all of the members! I have this disturbing personality question. Is losing weight is one of a personal development too? I'm kind of thinking that my attitude and personality will change to be better if I lose some pounds.. What do you think? ...more

New to Blogging? Any tips?

I would like to think that I am pretty technology-savvy, however, this is my first time actually being on blogher and responding and joining a group.  I plan to start my own blog under Health and Fitness as I am currently trying to lose alot of weight.  I know that is probably the story of alot of women on here, specifically this group, so I thought might ask for your ideas, but particularly your inspiration behind weight loss. I will make sure I post the name of my blog once I get it all set up.  hngry4losing ...more

New group for people pursuing careers in the creative realms

Hello all,   I thought I would annonce this here since it certainly relates to my my personal goals.  I've created a new group in the hopes of connecting other women with dreams or realities of working in the "Creative Industries" (Music, performance, writing, visual arts, ect.) ...more

Introducing myself

Hello,  I wanted to introduce myself as I am new to Blog her and new to this forum.  My name is Abigail, and I joined Blogher because I was hoping to connect with other creative women.   Origionally I was hoping to find a group of women making music, because that is the specific dream that I am chasing, but I am very happy to have found and joined this corner of the blogher community. ...more

Oh how funny, the cookie conundrum and the constant conundrum! 

Your blog looks ...more

Introducing: Quest for Balance

Hello, BlogHer community! ...more

Our mom subscribers would love to know about you! is a marketplace for ...more

10 Tips and an Inspiring Interview

From Ann Naylor 10 Tips For Being The Best You Can Be No matter how frustrated, troubled or dispirited on the surface, deep down everyone I have met is truly extraordinary. However hidden, the human spirit, the diamond is always there; in you, in me. ...more

What are you reading?

I've got a stack a mile high of books to read but among them are two of my favorite personal growth classics that I'm hoping to re-read soon and one is a new-to-me favorite of a cousin of mine who recommended it to me. ...more

Thanks for your kind words and your addition, S.I.F.

I read Eat, Pray, Love and she does ...more


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