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Meal Plans Made Simple #14

Somehow we got to Easter weekend already. I have no idea how that happened. I snagged you seven really fun recipes this week – a nice change from all your Easter food fare, plus a way to use up leftover ham ....more

112 Awesome Brunch Recipes

So I guess I’ve been working up to this for about a month now. My brunch obsession has finally peaked. Easter brunch is amazing, but Mother’s Day is right around the corner too, so I have compiled 112+ (‘+’ because I found more and added them; I stopped counting at 112… it’s a sickness) Awesome Brunch Recipes from here, there, and everywhere ....more

Spring Onion Scones with Cheddar and Bacon Butter

Scones! That look like biscuits! That are actually scones!!! ...more

Meal Plans Made Simple #13

MONDAY Sweet Potato, Kale and Sausage Bake with White Cheese Sauce- Pinch of Yum...more

Cadbury Candy Egg Brownies

Thick fudgey brownies with a perfect crackley wisp of brownie crust on top, stuffed with pretty pastel Cadbury Candy Eggs. A perfect Easter treat! ...more

Easy Satay Chicken

Compensation was provided by General Mills via Federated Media. ...more

Coffee Rubbed Steak and Eggs

A simple flank steak rubbed with coffee, a little sweet, and a little spice. Served over a poached egg, warm herbed potatoes, and fresh greens, these coffee rubbed steak and eggs are the perfect hearty brunch dish. Could there BE a meal any better than brunch? ...more

Meal Plans Made Simple #12

This first week of April has shaped up to be a pretty good one over here! The sun has been shining. I paraded around in flip flops for most of the week ....more

Trail Mix Cookies

A secret ingredient gives these Trail Mix Cookies, loaded with pretzels, M & M’s, cashews, coconut, oats, and chocolate chips, the perfect cookie texture of soft with a little bite. Sometimes I think that homemade cookies might just be my very favorite dessert. I know that with all the ice cream, and pies, and brownies happening in the world, not to mention cake, that seems like an extreme exclamation, but hear me out ya’ll <<<—- Side Note: I have lived in the south most of my life, like since I was 2, ...more

Pesto Chicken and Provolone Sandwiches

Simple creamy pesto tossed with cooked chicken and cashews is spread on thick sourdough and then toasted with provolone cheese and mushrooms for a crunchy, melty, warm, and delicious sandwich. Sandwiches have become a serious staple around here. Our house is packed chest-high with moving boxes right now and I have whittled my kitchen down to the very bare minimum ....more