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On My Way Out...

...out of my twenties, that is:)I'm very much looking forward to being 30.How about you?Feel free to join the group Thirty-somethings & share your blogs in the Introductions there. ...more

Way back when, I do remember being happy to hit 30. Now I'm looking forward to 50.

Heh. ...more

30-Somethings Introductions.

Hello, Introduce yourself & your blog here!!!...more

Well Tiny is my nickname from birth and the name I choose to go by. I am a mom to 8 kids. I ...more

Lots of new posts

on hope you enjoy them as much as i do! :-))...more

Music To My Ears!!!!

Hey fellow twentysomethings! I posted a new blog with some really cool free compilations/mix-tapes. check it out:

Great Grilling Recipe

Hey All!!!Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Just wanted to let you know that i posted a fish and veggie recipe on my blog it out because it sure was delicious!!!  :-))...more


so i take the bar exam in 5 days. FML. i feel underprepared and overly stressed. anyone else feeling my pain out there? i blogged about how i was and maybe still am feeling today. check it out because as this group description states "misery does love company"  ;- P  ...more

mothereffer! why can't i learn like all you other people on here how to properly insert a ...more

Hey Guys!

Hey Guys! I am new to the blog her network and to this group! My name is Rachel and I am 20 something living in Texas trying to figure out what i wanna do with my life and enjoying EVERY second of it! ok... maybe not every second ;-) but i am confident that ya'll know what i mean when i say that. anyways, i would be honored if you would check out my blog at and follow it if you like what you read!  hope everyone has a great night!-R...more

Getting To Know You


Hello! Viva the Quarterlife crises

Hello everyone,I just got started with Blog Her and this was the first group that caught my eye. I'm nearly out of my 20s but just as quarterlifey as ever, I have a feeling this angst will just meld into a midlife crisis :) Just thought I'd say hello and say that I'm excited to "meet" more people in the same life boat with me. Life boat with no flotation devices......more

Oh man, I didn't exactly have a "quarter life crisis," but my entire life fell apart around ...more

Introducing Myself

Hi, my name is Jeniel. I thought this group seemed pretty cool so wanted to jump in and say hello. You can find my blog at It's a bit bare right now since I literally started blogging, like, yesterday, but hang in there. It will get better, I promise. :)  ...more

Introducing myself

Hi everyone! I'm Alma and I'm new to BlogHer. I've only been blogging for a couple weeks now so forgive me if my blog's a little lacking right now :) You can find me at almond-alma. Thanks for reading! ...more

Your blog is hillarious and very genuine.  Looking forward to reading ...more

Introducing Myself- Nice to Meet Everyone!

Hi Everyone! i just joined Blogher and figured I would go ahead and introduce myself to those who are in the same place in life as me! I am twenty-three and a college graduate who wasn't able to find a job and woke up in the middle of a full on quarter-life crisis. It rocked... :-) Since I started blogging I have found that it is the best possible outlet I could have created for myself at the time and the people involved in it are amazing.   I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing questions and experiences!   Bakergirl ...more

Introducing myself as well

Hello twentysomething bloggers,   I just joined Blogher recently, and am looking foward to connecting with all sorts of interesting people while I am here, and hopefully finding some amazing blogs.   A little about myself:  I'm a 23 year old singer songwritter living in Seattle and starting a label for the self release of my first album.  Having attempted more reasonable carreer paths and discovering they made me unhappy I now work during the day as a receptionist and as a musician at night.   ...more

Introducing myself...

Why, hello there....:-) My name is Angie, and I'm thankfully still a 20-something. :-) I'm 25, a teacher, a blogger (yep!), married, no kids, a Chicagoan, and loving life (most days). I've heard great things about BlogHer, and I actually joined a few months ago but never got involved. As far as blogging... cookingwith & are my primary blogs. I have a teaching blog that's mostly theraputic but I'll pass the link around if anyone wants it. Hope to be seeing more of everyone here! ...more

I'm Dominique, techinically not a twentysomething since I'm 19...but close enough.  I'm ...more

100 Things to Do Before I Marry: What's on YOUR list?

See, I started this list. And now I want to know about yours.  ...more

Well, apparently having a baby is now on my list of things to do before I get married (due to ...more

Quarter Life Series

Hey everyone, I'm starting a series on my blog where i feature other bloggers and their quarter life crisis's. If you're interested in sharing your story email me at heidi [at] legallyheidi[dot]com :) -Heidi ...more

New Blog and Old Blog and Help!

Hi everyone - I am totally new to this Blogher scene and am still not sure how it works at ALL.   But I have a new blog called Things My Mother Shouldn't Read - for all the ladies out there whose mothers (or grandmothers or dads) DO read their blogs.  Because sometimes you want to tell a story and you don't want your mother to see it.  I'd love any submissions!   My normal blog is if you feel like checking it out. ...more

The 20 something's unemployed journey

Hi everyone. I'm a 24 year old English major who graduated from the University of Washington and landed my dream job in book publishing... only to have it taken away from me five months ago due to the economic climate. I've been struggling since December 5th applying for jobs, interviewing, and mostly not finding work. ...more

Same story here. I am 27 years old.I got an MBA in 2009 hoping to land one of those well paying ...more


I'm new here but thought I'd say hey - it's nice to see other twentysomethings on here! ...more

I'm new here too... nice to meet more twentysomethings!


Come get to know ...more

Hi Everyone!

I'm still trying to figure out this forum on here.   Hi!  ...more


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