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Meal Plan Monday, June 17

Just like anyone else I can be particular about certain things, but overall I'm really pretty easy to please. Give me a summer office? I'm thrilled. Give me a hammock chair? Even better. I spent as much time as possible in the hammock chair after we put it up on Saturday. I'd have done the same thing on Sunday except rain got in the way....more
@Denise I'd totally be eating out tonight.more

Monday Meal Plan, June 10

I will be smarter about the meal plan this week than I was last week. Last week was a busy week for both Lee and I and I was a tad too ambitious with some of the items. It did not help that we were both fighting off colds and it seems my body's way of fighting off germs these days it to descend into complete exhaustion that leaves me on the edge of tears for days. And ok, the weather didn't help. There's not much that is more depressing than turning on the heat in June. ...more
@moonsoar Oh that greek frozen yogurt cake looks like a winner.    The salsa baked chicken from ...more

Meal Plan Monday, June 3

A few years ago we had this summer where the weather would be fabulous and warm during the work week. You'd stare out your window and wish you were not working. Then the weekend would roll around and it would rain. Sometimes there would be rain AND thunderstorms. Bonus! That seems to be how weekends are happening right now. I'm tired of rain. Really tired of it. I keep reminding myself that it's probably really good for the local farmers but surely they wouldn't mind if the rain fell a bit more during the week and a bit less on the weekends, right?...more
@FatCat oh my. the coconut. oh mymore

Monday Meal Plan, May 27

We didn't have a meal plan last week. I mean, we KIND of did but we really didn't follow it. It was one part due to Monday being a holiday in Canada, which threw us off. It was also one part because we did a really bad job of shopping for our meal plan. For example, we had pulled pork on the menu and we fully intended to have pulled pork sandwiches but we didn't buy buns. But we did what we do -- we made it work....more
@alienbody giggle. Yes you did and did you notice we didn't say anything? ;-)more

Meal Plan Monday, May 13

This week got off to a rough start. There's nothing like sitting down to start your work day in Toronto and realizing you left your computer's power supply in Ottawa. OOPS! Luckily we're staying just a couple of blocks away from an Apple Store and I just had to wait for it to open this morning. Silly me. (I feel I should point out we packed the tech and left the house before coffee yesterday. I feel lucky that the only thing I forgot was the power cord. Oh wait, I also forgot a hair brush.)...more
@moonsoar The St Lawrence market had lots of yummy noms. As always, it made it wish we could do ...more

Monday Meal Plan, May 6

We had a great weekend, but it was a busy weekend. Lots of comparative shopping and yard work. Who needs to do a squat challenge when you can just pull dandelions out of the yard? We also blew the weekend meal plan by forgetting to take the pork out of the freezer. That makes it difficult to turn one pork shoulder into two weekend meals. Oops....more
@Karen Ballum I'm totally trying butternut squash in it!more

Yay Spring! Meal Plan Monday, April 29th

You guys. You guys! I left the house yesterday wearing a dress and flats -- no tights, no hosiery of any kind -- and a jacket and i had to take off the jacket because it was too hot. And then we did yard work in the sunshine. It was like spring finally decided to show up more than a little fashionably late. Welcome spring! Less welcome are the blisters on my feet that come when I switch from wearing socks and boots to flats minus socks. Let's just say there won't be any running for a few more days. ...more
@alienbody  @Karen Ballum  @moonsoar I think your comment did show up because this comment is ...more

Meal Plan Monday, April 22

Our meal plan went to pot pretty quickly last week and as a result ate too much takeout. There are weeks like that. The plus side of the takeout bonanza is that we really, really want lots of homemade meals this week. Well that and we ordered the spicy veg pizza we had ordered last month and it didn't make my lips swell up like balloons this time. Yay! Monday: The shrimp dish we didn't make on Friday because we ordered pizza. (It's ok, we use frozen shrimp and it never even got out of the freezer.)...more
@moonsoar Gah! Allergies aren't good!more

Meal Plan Monday April 15

I want a weekend do-over. I did not get anything on my to do list done. That might have something to do with the Battlestar Galatica marathon we had on Sunday. I know I certainly didn't get all the writing done that I meant to do this weekend. Or read as much as I planned. I blame the weather. ...more
I have been so bad about meal planning the last few weeks! Things have been way crazy here. I'm ...more

Is this group still active? It's garden season! Get out the jars!

Just wondering (hoping) if this group is still active?  Doesn't seem like there has been much activity lately.  Too bad we're big into gardening, cooking and preserving the garden, and could use some like-minded friends.   Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

Meal Plan Monday, April 8

I spent most of Sunday afternoon playing in the kitchen. Since dinner was in the crockpot I was really mostly making things for the coming week. I'll confess that I was totally inspired by Cassie's post on how she preps food for the week. After I made our meal plan I realized that we wouldn't have much on hand for lunches and snacks. I get really frustrated when lunch time rolls around and I don't have anything that's quick and easy to make or reheat....more
@Karen Ballum  @Denise I'm hijacking the hoison pork and making it this week. I'd make it this ...more

Meal Plan Monday, April 1

Hellllooooo April. You are already looking so much nicer than March. The snow piles are shrinking! I see grass! My little depressed gargoyle came out to play! While I'm sure winter is going to come back and slap us in the face with one last burst, I'm hopeful that the end is in sight. ...more
@alienbody iPhone reminders are your friend. ;-)    Actually, one of the really nice things ...more

Meal Plan Monday March 25

I keep reminding myself that Easter was later last year. It was in April, for starters. Yet I keep looking at the piles of snow and thinking about how we almost served Easter dinner on the deck because it was so darned warm. We sat in the sun. Lee wore shorts. I wore a summer dress. That sounds so much nicer than the snow I am currently staring at....more
I'll third the potato soup.  But maybe make it a potato roasted garlic soup.  Google the ...more

Monday Meal Plan March 18

I am so done with winter. I was trucking along quite well, all things considered, but when I saw the snow falling on Friday something inside me just snapped. I am more than ready for spring and while the calendar may say it's coming this week, the weather report indicates otherwise. I spent a lot of this weekend distracting myself by cooking things. I made no-knead bread. I made another batch of granola. I made ribs. I pulled all the oranges and grapefruits out of the fridge and made a citrus fruit salad....more
@moonsoar I know, right?more

Meal Plan Monday March 11

Why is it that weekends seem to by so very quickly? I close down my computer on Friday evening, I blink, and the next thing I know it's 5pm on Sunday and I have a case of the end-of-weekend sads. It didn't help that this weekend was a time change weekend. I hate the actual act of changing time. It messes me up and makes me feel out of sorts. ...more
Yes we are having Irish food!more

A Lazy Monday Meal Plan, March 4

The weekend went by too quickly and I would like it to come back. Please. Or maybe I just need a nap....more
@moonsoar my hubby LOVES soup. especially in this yuck weather.more

Meal Plan Monday February 25

I swear I blinked and the weekend was over. Can I have my weekend back?...more
@Denise The casserole was tasty! Next time I make it, I'm going to remember to put the enchilada ...more

Meal Plan Monday February 18

I have been so confused this whole long weekend. What do you mean today isn't Sunday? We're looking forward to this extra day off. The house is clean. We had dinner with friends last night, followed by a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity during which one of the players laughed so hard they fell off their chair. We started off our Monday morning with a very Canadian breakfast of peameal bacon sandwiches with maple mustard. Now we're going to be pretty darned lazy the rest of the day and spend most of it on our butts watching library DVDs. Yay free things!...more
@KarenLynnn It's a book club book, which I'm afraid is a bit more work than just posting the ...more

Monday Meal Plan, February 11

We did that thing again where we inventoried our chest freezer. It's funny how we put stuff in it and then forget. The discovery this time? Many loaves of bread. They are the kind of bakery loaves that go well with soup and that we used to buy from the 50% off bakery cart in the grocery store before they got rid of the cart. We miss that bakery cart. It seems I'm having trouble getting through a week without a blank in it. Oh well, we'll figure out Thursday's dinner at some point....more
@iross  @Laine Griffin  @Karen Ballum  @KarenLynnn Bacon makes everything good :)more

Monday Meal Plan on Tuesday, February 5

I am so not feeling my meal plan this week, which is why it is late. Monday: Baked beans. Lee has been asking for baked beans for the last month. This is almost meatless.I'd actually often skip the bacon in this entirely but we have some pancetta in the fridge I need to use. Tuesday: steaks and potatoes ...more
the weight watchers website has a recipe for a roasted mushroom bisque that sounds awesome for ...more


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