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Twitter follow confirmation button no longer grayed out

Up until recently, whenever I wanted to enter a giveaway with a Twitter follow option, if I was already following that person on Twitter then the follow button would be grayed out, letting me know immediately that I already follow.But as of the last few weeks, those buttons are no longer grayed out, and if I click it and go to Twitter, more than likely I'm already following that person....more

PHP coding for WordPress

Sorry to just jump right in here with a question, but I am trying to adapt a theme on Wordpress to my devices (nefarious as they may be) and I am just pretty much failing.  I have made a few other sites with fairly extensive modifications using the "search on google" method but this time everything I do to this theme just seems to yield either no results or the wrong ones.  And I'm talking about things that seem like they wouldn't be so hard, like changing out the title for a logo (have modified the header file, tried adding a span in the stylesheet, just deleted the title (that w...more

What are some of the challenges you face these days with technology?

Keeping up with the latest trends?What to use and when?Twitter? Facebook?Would love to hear!...more

Coding Help on Blogger Blog

Can anyone help me figure out a problem with my code? I use Blogger and a couple of years ago I installed a hack to have the post title come before the blog title on each individual post. It worked great until a few days ago when it completely stopped working. Since I've tried every hack I can find to fix it and nothing has worked. I'm no XML expert, and I'm completely stumped. Any help would be most appreciated. Visit me at Somebody Heal Me: The Musings of a Chronic Migraineur...more

jQuery 101

A good article some of you might want to check out is at script junkie. jQuery for Designers by Emily Lewis. It gives you the basics you need to start using jQuery.Virginia DeBolt BlogHer CE | Web Teacher | First 50 Words...more

Drupal workshops

Hi everyone,I thought this group might be interested in knowing about some online workshops I'm teaching next month. They're for people who are muddling through Drupal and need a bit of extra help. One is on making themes and the second one is on site building. All of the information is over on course if you have any burning Drupal questions that you need answers to right now. Please ask away and I'll see what I can do to help. :)...more

Quickly Check Your Technorati Blog Rank

Developed a new application to quickly check blog ranks-- see here.Regina-- Q's Wire | WiredPages...more


Hi all - This is a list of very successful business women.  It's usefulness will go a long ways.  TOP WOMEN IN SOCIAL MEDIA #business #socialmedia #womenon #leaders #founders ...more

Great list, thanks for posting. I love looking through lists like this because if you start ...more

New Blogher Format Questions

Hi I've been trying to navigate the new format and can't find the "My Groups" section that had the groups I joined on it. Where is that?  Also, is there a way to see how many people view my posts like there used to be?  I really liked that.... Thanks JessicaYou can find me lurking about at Adventures with Three Girls...more

I'll have to do that.  Thanks.


Help with Images

Me again.  I'm trying to figure out how to upload images into my posts.  On my rich text editor, when I try to upload an image from Flickr, all the size things are blank and I have no idea what to enter. When I try to enter things, and then preview the post, it just shows a little image icon, not my image.  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, I just can't figure out what. Also, can I upload an image from my computer, like a photo I took?  And how would I do that if I can?Thanks for the help, again. :)Jessica...more

it doesn't show up, leave it with the broken image - come back and buzz me so I can look at ...more

Question about Templates


Great!  Thankss again, again.


Comments on Blogger

It was just brought to my attention that my readers cannot post comments on my blog posts. I had this problem once before and switched to a pop-up window. It solved all my problems, but this time that is apparently not the issue. I'm assuming that it has something to do with the template I have on my blog, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I'm really hoping I don't have to change my template :( I spent a long time getting it all set up! HELP!Heather AKA Trippymomma

I just verified that I can post a comment on your blog. That X comments link is a standard ...more

Help with blogger gadget

So I've seen a gadget in the sidebar on some other blogs that is a Favorite Posts where they list they're favorite posts on their own blog and it links to that page.  How do they do that?  Is it something that a newbie like me can do on my own? (Hope I'm using those terms appropriately.)Thanks!Jessica

Is a test blog just another blog I create to mess around with stuff or is there a place to ...more

Lusting for tech gadgets?

I'm working on a post about the tech gadgets we most want to Christmas this year. What's on your wish list?Virginia DeBolt BlogHer Technology CE | Web Teacher | First 50 Words...more

Really. I don't. But yes, other than that - and I don't understand your lust for the Nike ...more

Five Techie Tools I'm Thankful For

On the eve of Thanksgiving, after a very long and busy day, I'm in the mood to have some fun... have some fun with me, please. (I'm moving around to a bunch of BlogHer Groups, creating fun lists of my thankful fives... )Here are five tech tools that I'm very thankful for... share your own list of five in the comments!1) Evernote2) Bloglines3) Bit.ly4) Twitter5) SnagIt~~Denise ...more

I tried it once, long ago and didn't like it. I might have to try it again.

~Denise ...more

iPhone battery packs

I love my iPhone but...The battery life of the original iPhone was pretty bad. The battery life of the iPhone 3gs is just as bad, maybe worse. I cannot get through a single day without needing to charge again at least once. I usually need to charge a lot more than once. It's frustrating.A tool this good needs to have juice all day long. Every day....more

No particular rationale, it just seems to make sense to me.

Elisa Camahort Page BlogHer ...more

Help--Suggestions for Blog Hosts and Privacy Issues

Currently I am hosted for free at Blogger, but I am wondering what additional controls I would have if I was hosted by a paid site.   I am also not sure if I could have more control over blocking visitors (from a particular country) while still allowing certain viewers to read my blog on special permissions.  Does anyone have any ideas?   Thank you, Julia ...more

I don't know anything about blogger, but I've used livejournal and I've used wordpress on my ...more

Advertising Advice...any help/tips are appreciated.

Do you use an ad network (Google Adwords, Ad Brite, etc.)?  If so, who do you use? Do you like it? If you don't use an ad network, do you advertise on your blog? How do you manage the ads?   I'm currently using Adwords, but am considering switching. I just want to make an informed decision before I switch, so any insight you could provide, would be great!   Thanks, Kim ...more

It helps to set realistic expectations for your ads based on your site strategy. Google ...more

flexible keyboard? or one that travels well

Want to get a full size keyboard for my netbook - preferably one that travels well.  Have been looking at the ones you can roll up, but I'm reading that a lot of them are touch to type on because you have to press so hard on the keys.Does anyone have a flexible keyboard that they are happy with in this regard?  Suggestions for brand/make/model?  How about one that is not flexible but folds up for travel?thanks -Erin ...more

I had a flexible keyboard which was blue in color, good looking, washable... and completely ...more

Blogger Tricks and Tips?

I was just wondering what everyone thought was the best trick they've learned or tip to share using blogger. I personally like the option to remove from the URL for $10 to have a custom domain. I outlined how to do it on my blog. ...more


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