A Musing Maralee

I am a mother of six pretty incredible kids ages 8 and under. Four of my kids were adopted (one internationally from Liberia, three through foster care) and two of our sons we made ourselves.  Prior to becoming parents my husband and I were houseparents at a children’s home and had the privilege of helping to raise 17 boys during our five year tenure. I’m crazy passionate about caring for kids, foster parenting and adoption, making my husband a fairly decent dinner every night, staying on top of the laundry, watching ridiculous documentaries and doing everything I do for God’s glory. 

Large Family Logistics: Why we eat the same things every morning

I know sometimes people are curious about what life looks like when you’re raising a bunch of young kids. Every once in a while I get the, “How do you do it?” question. While most of the time I just laugh because the reality is I don’t feel like I generally do “it” very well (whatever “it” may be), there are some tricks I’ve learned along the way that have simplified our lives ....more

When Santa is Kind of a Jerk to Your Kids

I am by and large a “live and let live” kind of parent. You do what works for you, Moms. But today I’m just feeling fed up with the whole Santa game and the Santa-infused nonsense this time of year brings ....more

A Life in Status- June #2, 2016

Sometimes laughing about my life makes you feel better about yours. Come read along on Facebook and Twitter. Dear NBA, Thanks for having your final game tonight ....more

How My Friends Taught Me to Grieve

I sat down to write something today, but then the doorbell rang. It was a delivery for my family of an edible bouquet. Seriously, is there anything better than something beautiful and also edible that comes as a total surprise from people who love you? ...more

What You Might Not Know about Waiting Children

Everybody needs to see this map from Together We Rise. It details the number of waiting kids in your state, but I’ve come to realize to really understand this map, you need to understand the geography of foster care. You have to have an awareness of some of the underlying issues behind the numbers represented here ....more

A Life in Status- June #1, 2016

I love my community over on Facebook and Twitter. Come join me. The toddler just entertained herself for 30 minutes by “painting.” (putting water onto construction paper with a paintbrush) #protip...more

Becoming The Old Lady I Want to Be

I can admit sometimes I have fantasies about being a grumpy old lady. I daydream about being the kind of old woman who goes out with the curlers still in my hair, running into people in my scooter and complaining about “kids these days.” Something about old age seems incredibly freeing to someone who often feels bound by the rules of polite society. But I think about the women a generation or two older than me– the ones who influence my life and inspire me ....more

The 5 Unhelpful Ways we Talk about Porn

I strongly believe as parents we need to be talking to our kids about porn. I also believe as spouses we need to be having conversations about porn. I even think that friends should be talking about it ....more

Large Family Logistics: The Emergency Backpack

To know me is to know that I’m a practical person. I’ve raised a lot of kids, made a lot of mistakes and now I’d love to share what I’ve learned, this time in the realm of being prepared for life’s unexpected emergencies. This idea is not revolutionary, but to the woman who hasn’t put together the emergency backpack yet, I hope it will be a helpful reminder about what might make her life a wee bit easier during the most frustrating of moments ....more

Today I Hate Foster Care

Can I be honest? Today I hate foster care. I hate what it has done to people I love– adults and children alike ....more