A Musing Maralee

I am a mother of six pretty incredible kids ages 8 and under. Four of my kids were adopted (one internationally from Liberia, three through foster care) and two of our sons we made ourselves.  Prior to becoming parents my husband and I were houseparents at a children’s home and had the privilege of helping to raise 17 boys during our five year tenure. I’m crazy passionate about caring for kids, foster parenting and adoption, making my husband a fairly decent dinner every night, staying on top of the laundry, watching ridiculous documentaries and doing everything I do for God’s glory. 

A Woman Called Bitter

A couple weeks ago I listened to a sermon about Ruth. As part of the backstory the pastor talked about Naomi’s transition to the name Mara and what a miserable name that would be to have. That part of the sermon felt a little personal to me ....more

Favorite 15 of 2015

In case you missed anything, I’ve compiled my favorite 15 posts of the year. Thanks for reading and being part of the community here! Thinking About Having Another Baby? ...more

To the White Parents of my Black Son’s Friends

I’ve been wrestling with talking to you about some things I think you need to know. I’ve wrestled with it because I feel my own sense of shame– shame that I didn’t know or understand these issues before they touched my family. I’ve felt fear that you’ll respond in subtle ways that make it clear you aren’t safe for my child ....more

To My Kids- Some Rules and Recommendations for Grandma’s House

Okay, Kids. We’re almost there. It’s time for a few reminders before we get to Grandpa and Grandma’s house ....more

What I learned from Arguing with Men About Porn

I have found that when you read an article on the internet, it is best not to read the comments. If you decide to read the comments, you are likely to lose your faith in humanity. While I don’t often read internet comments on random articles, I do read the comments left on my posts ....more

A Newbie’s Guide to Self-Care: What works for you?

When I first read about the concept of “self-care” it seemed entirely overwhelming to me. There was a description about why it was important and then a list of possible self-care activities. As a rule-follower, I looked at that list and instead of it looking like a bunch of ...more

A Newbie’s Guide to Self-Care: Self-Care vs. Selfishness

(This post is part of a series on self-care. You can read my introductory post here.) I started digging into the concept of self-care from a very depleted place. I have a lot of little kids ....more

To the Parents of Foster Parents

Dear Parents of Foster Parents, I remember when I called my mom and told her I was now raising seven boys– most of them teenagers. My husband and I were working at a group home. We started with four boys and I guess that seemed manageable to my mom, who had raised five kids of her own ....more

A Newbie’s guide to Self-Care: The role of self-talk

It was almost a year ago now that I first read the words “self-care” and felt the stinging realization that while I knew what those words meant, I wasn’t sure what they meant TO ME. “Care” is a nice enough word. I take care of my kids, I care for my friends, I know God cares for me ....more

A Newbie’s Guide to Self-Care: The 5 Ws and an H (an introduction)

Who: Hey you. Yes, YOU. Are you a human person? ...more